Universally Seeking

Universally Seeking

Tool: The Power of Forgiveness

April 10, 2018

Emily Hooks is an author, public speaker, and founder of the Forgiveness Academy™. She says she lived the first thirty-three years of life just managing the pain of her past, seeing her life as a tragic series of events. Until, 15 years ago, destitute and suffering from addiction, she had a moment of awakening.

She didn’t earn a Ph.D. or study human behavior for decades to get to where she is today. She forgave. Everything in her life transformed when she chose to move through the pain she carried, let go of her limiting beliefs of who she was, and began to see the world with love, compassion and empathy. Most importantly, she now shares this deeply personal and transformative work as a forgiveness coach.

As expected, this conversation dives deep. Emily and I cover several aspects on forgiveness, such as:


- What is forgiveness? And, is it a moral obligation?

- Why indifference is an indicator that you have some work to do.

- Steps to begin a forgiveness process, including the power of ritual

- The physiological, emotional and spiritual benefits of true forgiveness.