43: Peter Madrigal

August 15, 2018

This week Christie and Nicole talk to Peter Madrigal from Vanderpump Rules! Don’t be fooled though, Peter is more than a pretty face. Aside from managing SUR in West Hollywood, CA, he is also the co owner a hair product line, Hairo Styling Products, and is the ambassador for a new casino customer service app, Casino Scouts. The ladies are happy to learn that Peter also supports the notion of serving four Goat Cheese Balls instead of three, and they all agree that it is important that a petition to make this change be created immediately. We hope you enjoy learning more about Peter, his ventures, SUR, and Vanderpump Rules!

Please support us in our effort to change the world and sign the petition to increase the number of goat cheese balls served at SUR! Sign the petition here- https://chn.ge/2MidhoN

You can find Peter at:

· Instagram: www.instagram.com/peter_madrigal

· Twitter: www.twitter.com/LLPJMadrigal

· Information about Hairo Styling Products- https://myhairo.com/peter-madrigal/

· Information about Casino Scouts- https://www.mycasinoscouts.com

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