Uncomfortable Grace Podcast

Uncomfortable Grace Podcast

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Grace & The Gray Space
May 02, 2022

Grace is subversive, unconditional, and willing to break the false binaries we find ourselves trapped within in our relationships to self, others, and our faith. ln today's episode, Mandy & Kaylene di

Grace & Redirection with Kirk McCall
April 18, 2022

Kirk McCall joins us today with his story own story of abandoning the comfort of certainty for a chance at growth. Kirk is a 26 year veteran teacher who recently left his longstanding position at a pr

Grace & Blame
April 03, 2022

Spoiler alert: We're talking about Bruno and you can't do anything to stop us. More specifically, Mandy & Kaylene decided it was time to give Bruno the conversation he deserves about blame, emotional

Grace & Freedom with Kristy Laschober and Allison Hamik
March 21, 2022

Kristy Laschober and Allison Hamik are two women on a mission for freedom! Through their online show, The Freedom Exchange, Kristy & Allison are creating awareness about the justice system by establis

Grace & Optimism
March 07, 2022

Season two is going to be full of tough minded optimists - men and women of vitality betting on unknown outcomes full of possibility and wholly uncomfortable situations. Grab your favorite cuppa & set

Grace for Season Two
February 21, 2022

Season two is coming soon! The people on board for sharing their stories this season are incredibly kind, generous, and beautiful souls. We are so excited to kick things off, but for now, here's a lit

Grace in Progress
May 30, 2021

Season One is coming to an end featuring Emmy-award winning journalist and podcast host Danielle Craig. Danielle creates, writes, and speaks because she believes we all deserve to find what makes us become our best selves. Living a happier,

Grace in Grief
May 16, 2021

Even if you don't want to talk about grief, listen up! In today's episode,  Heather interviews Mandy about her work as a grief coach, author, and speaker. While we may not be experiencing a season of active grief,

Grace in the Overwhelm
May 02, 2021

This week, your hosts are discussing life in the overwhelm! When we become overwhelmed, we often slip into autopilot. Listen as Mandy & Heather discuss their overwhelms and the strategies they use to find grace and movement for themselves amid the chao...

Grace in Homelessness
April 18, 2021

It's time to flip the script on how we talk about the unhoused! Kevin Nye is a writer and homeless services case manager in Los Angeles who wants to change the way we perceive and support the unhoused population.