Uncomfortable Grace Podcast

Uncomfortable Grace Podcast

Grace in Homelessness

April 18, 2021

It’s time to flip the script on how we talk about the unhoused! Kevin Nye is a writer and homeless services case manager in Los Angeles who wants to change the way we perceive and support the unhoused population. His passion is to change the narrative about homelessness and to encourage the faith community to reevaluate the way we invest in change. Pick up your curiosity and take a listen.

Follow Kevin on Twitter – @kevinmnye1 or for book updates, through his website, www.KevinMNye.com. Kevin is creating resources and support tools for those of us not working day to day with the homeless community to become better advocates of humanity. Worth every moment.

Heather Converse is a certified life coach and owner of Tree of Life Consulting. Mandy Capehart is a writer, speaker, and grief coach, currently working through her first manuscript. Both love difficult conversations, leaning into tension, and producing the kind of uncomfortable atmosphere that unearths beauty and champions growth. We’re so glad you’re here!


The Uncomfortable Grace Podcast is mixed & produced by Kaylene Brown.

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