Uncomfortable Grace Podcast

Uncomfortable Grace Podcast

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Grace in the Muchness
April 05, 2021

Amy Kaufman is an influencer in her life at every level. Professionally, personally - she shows up with a big personality and changes the atmosphere.  Listen in as she recounts how the "muchness" that she now embraces wasn't always a positive and how l...

Grace in Invitation
March 22, 2021

Finding the *right fit* of humans for your circle is tough work. As adults, it can be downright impossible to build relationships without some kind of common ground. Learning how to be intentional and invitational in relationships is step one.

Grace in Parenting
March 08, 2021

Megan Stonelake is a master’s level child therapist and the founder of Empathetic Parenting Counseling & Coaching. As someone who sees both sides of the parent-child relationship, Megan has unique insight on how to manage as a parent filled with compas...

Grace in Deconstruction
February 22, 2021

Christian Cerdan is a coach, writer, and web designer. He leads worship and runs the social media for his church as well. We sat down with him to walk through the uncomfortable process of deconstructing his faith as a follower of Jesus.

Grace in the Unknown
February 08, 2021

This episode is all for you! We polled our faithful audience and found that the overwhelming majority of you want to hear how to carry grace for yourself into the unknown. Life is not a movie, and we aren't Disney princesses.

Grace in Conflict, Part Two
January 31, 2021

Welcome back for part two of our wonderful conversation with Jessica Murrey! Be sure to listen to part one before diving in - we will be back with Episode 6 on February 8th. - Jessica is a peacebuilder and Common Ground activist with Search for Common...

Grace in Conflict, Part One
January 25, 2021

Jessica Murrey is a peacebuilder and Common Ground activist with Search for Common Ground, an international peacebuilding organization devoted to ending violent conflict. She is the co-CEO of Wicked Saints Studios and is currently creating a role-playe...

Grace in Listening
January 11, 2021

Kaylene Brown is so much more than our show producer! This woman is a powerhouse of empathy, understanding, and confidence... but she didn't come by it easily. Join us as she walks through the not-so-fun murky waters of misunderstanding.

Grace in Growth
December 28, 2020

Ryan Rhoden is a Rogue Valley native, a father and avid fly fisherman. He currently co-leads Living Waters Rogue Valley with his wife, Kate. He is wildly comfortable on a stage, which is why his decision to step out of teaching to write a 90-day devoti...

Grace in Tension
December 14, 2020

Join hosts Mandy Capehart & Heather Converse as we discuss the difficulties of navigating tension in relationships. We unpack the discomfort of healthy boundaries and the grace of inviting input, criticism, and correction.