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To The Movie & Back

Werewolf By Night: A Marvel Special Presentation

October 21, 2022

It’s the first official episode of To The Movie & Back! We review the new Marvel Studios Special Presentation, Werewolf By Night, which was directed by Michael Giacchino. We also touch on his amazing career as a composer and touch on two other shorts he made, Monster Challenge and Short Trek: Ephraim and Dot. (Ephraim and Dot is exclusive to Paramount+ subscribers.)

Dave also shares his distaste for The Wizard of Oz, David gives some thoughts on where we might see this short tie into the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ponder if Ghost will sponsor us, and if it was John.

A lycanthrope superhero fights evil using the abilities given to him by a curse brought on by his bloodline.

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Monster Challenge Short Film

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