To The Movie & Back

To The Movie & Back

NEW SHOW! To The Movie & Back

September 22, 2022

Yes indeedy! David Hunt and Dave Clements are getting back together behind microphones in order to talk about movies!

After many conversations about bringing GEEK THIS back, we decided it would be best to have a fresh start and focus on one topic because, quite frankly, GEEK THIS simply became too much. We were dipping into industry news, comics, movies, TV, and video games, which sounds like a great idea. It was all over the place, especially when we weren’t making it together.

So now we’re making TO THE MOVIE & BACK (or TTMB for short). Rather than discussing what’s new in theaters, we’re taking a page from our own book and extending the concept we put into place with the Batman On Film series. We’re compiling lists focused on characters, actors, directors, and franchises, then reviewing each of those films. It’s a way for us to ensure we don’t get too lost in the weeds, yet always have something new to talk about every episode.

We’ve also decided to batch record each month. In theory, it should be less of a struggle to get episodes out this way.

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