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NCIS Confidential: Solving Real-Life Cold Cases To Catch Killers

July 04, 2023

Former NCIS Special Agent Joe Kennedy established the first federal cold case homicide unit. 

Starting in 1986 with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), Kennedy investigated crimes involving sailors and marines around the world. 

In this episode of the True Crime Reporter® Podcast, I take you inside the crime scene tape to hear about cold cases from a legendary member of the agency popularized by Hollywood.

Although he is retired from NCIS, Joe Kennedy lends his cold case experience to small law enforcement agencies that seek help.

He serves on the Cold Case Coalition, a non-profit volunteer organization comprised of retired law enforcement officers and experts.

Kennedy has also written a brilliant guide for cold case investigators titled Solving Cold Cases-Investigation Techniques and Protocols

Serious true crime fans will find it helpful in understanding the anatomy of murder investigations and cold case inquiries.

Here’s part two of my interview with former NCIS Special Agent Joe Kennedy.

Link to the Cold Case Coalition

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