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69. How to Stop Getting Hangry on Your Diet

November 21, 2022

How do you stop getting hangry when dieting?


Is being Hangry really a thing or is it made up by people who are on diets and can’t eat the foods that they like?


Recently a european team of researchers looked into the ‘Hangry’ phenomenon and found a few interesting things.

Firstly ‘hangry’ does exist as most of the subjects reported some feeling of emotional stress following calorie restriction.

The researchers also asked the respondents why they ate the foods they did.

Remember these people weren’t given a diet just asked to restrict themselves.

The top reasons for foods they ate were

  • Hunger
  • Appearance
  • Pleasure
  • Liking the food

This is interesting as most people who fail at dieting generally stop eating a lot of foods they like and often are given diet plans with bland, boring food that they aren’t keen on.

This would not satisfy 3 of the reasons which hit the top 3 and may be a cause for why people cheat on their diet and get hangry even when they are increasing their veg and fibre to fill themselves up.

In this video you’ll learn how I work with clients to stop them getting hangry and the techniques we use to make sure they are eating foods they like and still successfully lose weight

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