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Nutrition Hour with Jackson: Carbohydrates and Endurance Athletes
November 29, 2018

Trying out a new idea for a series on the podcast this week! Between school and just my nerdy interests, I read and synthesize a lot of scientific papers. So, if I find a paper that I find particularly interesting or of value and relevance to the podca...

The Giving of the Thanks Episode
November 22, 2018

We sit down and talk about the small and big things we are grateful for on this Thanksgiving weekend, and answer a listener question. No Meat Athlete Fitness and Nutrition Bundle:

Revisiting Exercise Addiction
November 15, 2018

This week, we sit down and discuss our latest exercise routines and where we stand with exercise addiction, and check in on some of Jackson's ruminations on the topic of social media.  Support us on Patreon:

Let’s Talk Iron (briefly)
November 08, 2018

Iron, an essential micronutrient in human nutrition, is often discussed at length when talking about the differences between diets. Many argue that iron from animal based foods like red meat is far superior to that in plant-based foods, like beans.

Recapping the 2018 Lifestyle Medicine Conference
November 02, 2018

This week, Aaron recaps the experience of becoming Board Certified in Lifestyle Medicine, which he just completed, and why Lifestyle Medicine is set to be the future of integrative medicine. Support us on Patreon: http://patreon.

Overtraining, Protein Needs, and Vitamin K2 | Q&A
October 25, 2018

It's been a little (long) while since we've recorded a Q&A podcast for the public show. Typically, it's an exclusive reward for our Patreon community, but I felt compelled to include some of the folks in our private Facebook group. Another solo round,

The Truth About Food Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated
October 18, 2018

Jackson monologues his way through discussions of social media abstinence, thoughts on the Joe Rogan Kresser vs. Kahn podcast, the greatest nutrition book he's reading, updates on his Master's thesis, and why he's strengthening his booty. 

Hillary Allen is a Science Nerd
October 11, 2018

We sit down with professional ultrarunner, Hillary Allen, for a conversation on science education and literacy, curiosity, and the mental process of recovering from a severe injury.  Learn more about Hillary: Website/blog: https://hillygoat.

How Do We Make People Care About Health?
October 04, 2018

We talk Free Solo, the importance of healthy healthcare providers, and the complex problem of obesity.  Subscribe to the podcast: Apple Podcasts: Stitcher:

Correlation Doesn’t Equal Causation
September 25, 2018

We talk sparkling water, correlative nutrition research science, and discuss the big picture of nutrition and lifestyle.  Connect with us: Email: Subscribe to the podcast: Apple Podcasts: