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Early Third-Party E3 2019 Predictions | The PowerSwitch
May 19, 2019

Early third-party E3 2019 predictions, Microsoft and Sony to join forces on streaming tech, Ubisoft's roller-coaster week of delays and teases, and more!

Early Microsoft E3 2019 Predictions | The PowerSwitch
May 12, 2019

Early Microsoft E3 2019 predictions, Final Fantasy VII Remake highlights a new State of Play, a U.S. senator introduces a lootbox ban bill, and more!

Early Nintendo E3 2019 Predictions | The PowerSwitch
May 05, 2019

Early Nintendo E3 2019 predictions, Epic buys Rocket League developer Psyonix, the first Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer draws criticism, and more!

Persona 5’s Royal Scramble | The PowerSwitch
April 28, 2019

The long-awaited Persona concert event shows a Persona 5 Royal trailer, Persona 5 Scramble is officially revealed, Nintendo and Sony's financials, and more!

PlayStation 5 and the Tech Tease | The PowerSwitch
April 21, 2019

Sony drops an early tech exclusive about PlayStation 5, Inside Xbox confirms recent Microsoft reports, a Switch Pro model may be pushed back, and more!

A Celebration of Star Wars | The PowerSwitch
April 15, 2019

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is officially revealed, name changes are finally available on PSN, memes about game difficulty shaming, and more!

Predicting Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC | The PowerSwitch
April 08, 2019

Speculating about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC characters, Microsoft may unveil an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, and more!

A Tale of Two Switches | The PowerSwitch
March 31, 2019

Nintendo could be planning to release two Switches this summer, PlayStation's first "State of Play" highlights PSVR games, and more!

Enter Stadia | The PowerSwitch
March 24, 2019

Google reveals its Stadia streaming platform at GDC, a Nindies presentation shows Cuphead coming to Switch, PlayStation announces its own Direct, and more!

On the Precipice of Google at GDC | The PowerSwitch
March 17, 2019

Google is set to reveal game hardware at GDC this week, Halo: The Master Chief Collection will come to PC along with Reach, and more!