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Jordan Bush: Missions, Bitcoin, and Basketball
April 16, 2023

TheoBros Podcast Episode 40.Jordan Bush is Head of Content and education at Thank God For Bitcoin which exists to educate and equip Christians to use Bitcoin for the glory of God and the good of people everywhere. Find him on Twitter as @jmbushwrites or

Matthew Tuck: The Perspicuity of Scripture, Credentialism, Hermeneutics, and Peeps
April 12, 2023

TheoBros Podcast Episode 39.Matthew Tuck is a servant of Jesus, the husband of Frances, and the father of Thomas and Joanna. Find him on Twitter as @Skippyman2099. He lives in Los Gatos, California, which in Spanish means, The Cats.Brought to you by S

Nate Gunter: Guacamole, Children's Books, and Pastor's Kids
March 26, 2023

TheoBros Podcast Episode 38.Nate Gunter authors Mr. Nate Books, an illustrated kid's book collection along with an educational books edition.You can find him on Twitter as @MrNateBooks and check out his website to you by Squi

Joe Morris: Discipline, Coffee, Alpha Males, and Faithfulness in the Military
December 19, 2022

TheoBros Podcast Episode 37. The man, the myth, the legend, the inimitable, the unparalleled, astounding, brilliant, Joe Morris joins me on the TheoBros Podcast where we love sound theology, we are always reforming, and Christ is King.  Joe is a Christ f

Rudy Cerda: The Local Church, His Testimony, and Twitter
December 05, 2022

TheoBros Podcast Episode 36.Rudy Cerda is a business analyst for a financial services company. Hes a member of Bridgepoint Bible Church in West Houston and is married with 3 kids. You can find him on Twitter as @RudyCerda.Brought to you by Squirrelly

TheoBros Replay: Josh Niemi, Author of Expository Parenting and Greater Than Aaron
November 19, 2022

TheoBros Podcast episode 25. In this episode, I chat with Josh Niemi.Josh Niemi is the founder of Expository Parenting Ministries and the author of the books Expository Parenting and Greater Than Aaron: The Supremacy of Christs Limited Atonement. Hes m

Ryan Carr: The Pacers, Christian Witness in the NBA, the Glories of Reformed Theology and Expository Preaching
November 12, 2022

TheoBros Podcast Episode 35. Ryan Carr, VP of Player Personnel with the Pacers, joins this humble little podcast to talk Pacers History, Larry Bird, Christian witness in the NBA, the glories of Reformed Theology, and expositional preaching. You can follow

Semper Reformanda! Business Decisions, French Shenanigans, God's Sovereignty, and The Farmer Theologian
November 04, 2022

TheoBros Podcast Episode 34. The love of money; Dwyane Wade and the exploitation of his son; David French wants amnesty; Challies on God's Sovereignty; Go check out the Farmer Theologian Podcast with Eric Dodson. Squirrelly Joe’s Coffee guarantees that y

Sharon Devol: Her Story, John MacArthur Trivia, ShepCon Facts, Cancer, and Her Favorite Twitter Accounts
October 28, 2022

You can find Sharon on Twitter as @SharonDevol. She is a musician, crocheter, cancer survivor, a lover of cats and trains, and she loves the Oregon Ducks. She has a blog at Joes Coffee guarantees that your order will

God is Not Mocked, Stacy Abrams, Microsoft, Apostates, Beardology, and a Method for Prayer
October 21, 2022

In this solo episode, Justin walks through Galatians 6:7 and its relevance for the insane, confused times we're currently in. Then he takes listener questions on apostates, beards, and prayer.This episode is sponsored by Squirrelly Joe's Coffee.God cr