The Double Comma Club

The Double Comma Club

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The Next Big Thing - Rueth, Kruger, Soto, Alba, Veden January 20 - 21 2022
November 10, 2021

I'm SO excited! The Next Big Thing is approaching and I can't wait. I will of course be there sharpening my own saw, but I will also be SPEAKING. I'll be giving the latest updates in Lending, and what

DMAR Nov 2021 - The Market Is Slowing. So Why Are You Exhausted?
November 03, 2021

Comparatives are funny because they can tell any story you want. The market is slowing down? The market is still nuts! The idea real estate is hyper-local is at its epitome in times like these. Nicole

Maximizing Your Investment Properties - the Bedroom to Bathroom to Square Footage Ratio
October 22, 2021

Do you currently own investment properties? OR Are you looking to begin your investment journey, but are hesitant due to low inventory? Well, we are here to tell you that deals ARE happening, and you

The Next Big Thing - A Real Estate Experience January 20 - 21 2022
October 20, 2021

The Next Big Thing is shaking up how Real Estate professionals will define business success. This two-day event will be far from typical. While our past may have shaped us, it is time to define the fu

How to Buy and Sell Your Home at the Same Time
October 13, 2021

We know just how stressful deciding to purchase a home can be, especially when you're already a homeowner! It can be nerve-wracking to think about purchasing a new home when you have hundreds of thous

The Cost of Waiting in Real Estate
October 01, 2021

There is a lot of math in this episode, important math. Listen while Nicole walks you through the cost of waiting to purchase a home, especially if you are currently paying rent. The last 18 months of

How can you capitalize on Real Estate to Help Pay for College
September 24, 2021

Use Real Estate to Pay For College! First-time homebuyer and investment property purchase. How can I use equity to pay for college? When should I start investing? Nicole's personal experience.  She ha

What You Need to Know About Debt to Income Ratio
September 17, 2021

What is debt to income ratio? Which is different than what is my monthly budget. All right? Because I really want to just land there just for a second. Because it's super important that when you're go

5 Important Things You Need To Know About Your Personal Credit Score
August 28, 2021

Do you know what goes into a credit score? We're going to be going through a five-part series to share with you what you need to know.   What makes a credit score? Let's start off with the five factor

First Time Home Buyer, who do you talk to first, your lender or your realtor?
August 27, 2021

Purchasing your first home is a major accomplishment .. it’s also stressful, daunting, and overwhelming!  Knowing exactly where to start the journey to homeownership will allow you to optimize the mos