The Cloisters

The Cloisters

Ep 28: By The Grace of Dodd

May 08, 2023

I'm the worst producer, and lost episode 28— recap, the group finished the river battle and escaped up the Missouri river. The spend time noodling for catfish, and landed at the town of Grace where they met Gwen, a Harbinger who was run out of Ring (Denver) when it was raided by Azazyel.


The crew explores the township of Grace, making friends and planning to upgrade their ship. Just when they think things are looking up, they have their sleep invaded by some ominous force...

The Cloisters is a home brewed world and campaign putting a science fiction spin on Dungeons and Dragons 5E.

The Cloisters streams every Wednesday at 9pm ET on Twitch at ; You can also find it on Youtube at