The Breakthrough Advisor™

The Breakthrough Advisor™

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27. How Annuities Let Americans Enjoy a Secure Retirement with Michelle Richter
December 01, 2021

So, your client has just retired. They’ve waited a long time for this, and they’re ready to enjoy it.  But, in the back of their mind, they might have a lingering worry about potentially running out o

26. What Financial Advisors Should Expect From Their Websites in 2022 with Graham Turner
November 17, 2021

Advisors, what do you expect from your website? In this episode, Jack Martin speaks with Graham Turner, the CEO of Advisor Websites, to dig into the elements of advisor websites. With valuable advice

25. Tax Planning Solutions Made Easy For Advisors With Kevin Lozer, CFP®
September 08, 2021

Every advisor wants to find better tax planning solutions for their clients. Are you one of them? In this episode, Kevin Lozer, co-founder of Holistiplan, joins Jack Martin to share everything you nee

24. The Value Behind a Data-Driven Approach to Annuities for Advisors With Tamiko Toland
August 25, 2021

Advisors, think about your conversations with clients. Are you looking to tackle those conversations differently?  Perhaps a data-driven approach can enable you to better serve and meet your clients’

23. How To Achieve Objective Index Ratings and Forecasts with Laurence Black from The Index Standard®
August 04, 2021

How do you, as an advisor or investment professional, select the best products for your clients? Have you thought about what makes clients believe that you are always looking out for their best intere

22. Viewing Retirement As Personal Preferences Rather Than Behavioral Finance with Wade Pfau, Ph.D., CFA, RICP®
July 21, 2021

While it’s common for advisors to approach their clients with retirement income questions and predetermined answers, Retirement Researcher also focuses on a wide range of possibilities based on the un

21. Social Security & Medicare Summed Up In 35 Minutes with Mary Beth Franklin, CFP®
July 07, 2021

Are you an advisor looking to better serve your clients around their Social Security and Medicare needs? If so, this week’s episode of The Breakthrough Advisor with Social Security expert Mary Beth Fr

20. Retirement-Related Considerations from Retirement Expert Tom Hegna, CLU, ChFC, CASL
June 23, 2021

While June is annuity awareness month, this week’s conversation goes beyond just annuities to encapsulate many other retirement-related components. In this episode, economist, author, and retirement expert Tom Hegna joins Jack Martin to break down valu...

19. Using Genivity to Measure Your Clients’ Wealth and Health With Heather Holmes
June 09, 2021

Did you know that only 11% of clients feel like they can have health and longevity planning discussions with their financial advisors? Discover how you can encourage your clients to broach this subject with you as their trusted advisor in this week’s c...

Episode 18: How To Develop Your Client Experience Comeback Plan — With Julie Littlechild
March 17, 2021

As an advisor, client experience is a crucial piece of your practice. But what does it mean to deliver a great client experience and how do we evolve client experience going forward? Explore this and more in today’s episode with Absolute Engagement’s C...