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The Flywheel Podcast with Victor Jimenez: Entrepreneurship | Happiness | Business | Passion | Life |

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TFP-032-Disruptive Design & Systems Thinking-Leyla Acaroglu
July 17, 2018

Using Disruptive Design and Systems Thinking to Build a Better World As entrepreneurs, we create products and services. As we create them we often are thinking of the use of the product or service but we rarely think about what happens at the end of a ...

TFP-031-Entrepreneurship, passion, and communities – Ernesto Sirolli
June 08, 2018

Why passion is the ultimate driver in entrepreneurship and economic development Entrepreneurship is really about doing what you are passionate about, then finding others to help you by doing what they are passionate about.

TFP-030-Being a Transcendent Leader – Fred Kofman
May 04, 2018

Learn how to be the kind of leader that inspires and empowers people to make a broader mission their own. In this episode, I am talking with Fred Kofman, leadership advisor at Google and former VP of executive development and leadership philosopher at ...

TFP-029-How Spending Time In Nature Can Make Us Happier and Healthier- Florence Williams
November 28, 2017

Something as simple as a walk in the woods can help us live a better life In this episode, I am talking with Journalist and prize-winning author Florence Williams about her latest book Nature Fix.  We discuss the current problems with our hyper-connect...

TFP-028-Knowing Yourself- Dr Tasha Eurich
November 21, 2017

How self-awareness can lead to a better business and a more fulfilling life We all know, that to be a smart entrepreneur or leader of our community, we need strong self-awareness so that we can understand people and their motivations.  Yet often,

TFP-027-What is your Relationship with Money? – Dr. Sarah Newcomb
October 31, 2017

Money : It’s a loaded word and idea. We all have stories that we tell ourselves about money, what it is and how we interact with it.  Some people pursue it as an end goal while others avoid it like the plague. Either way,

TFP-026-The Neuroscience of Trust – Paul J Zak
October 16, 2017

In this episode, I am talking with neuroeconomist Paul J Zak about the science of creating high-performance companies. We talk about his latest book Trust Factor and touch on the principles that create a culture of trust within any organization.

TFP-025 – Happy Startup – Carlos Saba
September 27, 2017

Building a Happy Start-Up When many of us hear the words startup we think of the lone genius working in her garage with some breakthrough idea that is going to turn into a huge business that they can then “exit”,

TFP-024-Compassion in Business- Monica Worline
March 20, 2017

Compassion-One of Our Best Business Tools. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution (likely earlier), societies have treated business and work as something separate from our humanity and our compassion.

TFP-023-Should Your Business Be Not For Profit?-Donnie Maclurcan
March 07, 2017

Why you should consider not for profit as a structure for your business On this podcast and in many other business circles people are talking about creating meaning and purpose in their business. We talk about social and environmental justice and creat...