Technology for Normal People

Technology for Normal People

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Episode 64 netflix takes requests, tailgate gadgets, moviepass competitor
August 29, 2018

Don’t see the movie you want on Netflix? Ask for it. Netflix takes requests An update on the Child Predator Exposures Facebook group we reported a few weeks ago Best gadgets for your tailgate parties this fall  

Episode 62 The Big MoviePass Announcement
August 07, 2018

hold on to your popcorn MoviePass subscribers, this one’s gonna hurt.

netflix, moviepass and robocall blockers
August 06, 2018

Catching up on a busy week when my hosting site went AWOL. Facebook group busting sex predators live is back, Netflix has secret codes to help you see all the movies and shows, MoviePass changes that may make you cancel your subscription and why robo c...

episode 60 what parents should know about (and Tiktok)
August 04, 2018

After recording this merged with the popular app TikTok. The podcast is still relevant. The same concerns exist for TikTok

Episode 58 Prime Day Porch Pirates
July 20, 2018

You got a steal during Amazon Prime Day? Gotta watch it, someone else may get a steal as well.

Episode 57 Podcasting
July 18, 2018

mentioned in the show Read to Lead Podcast  5am Miracle Podcast    

Episode 56 MoviePass and Prime Day
July 17, 2018

which is the better deal? MoviePass introduces some pricing changes that make a difference and Amazon’s Prime Day goes to the dogs.  

Episode 55 When Kickstarters Fail to Start
July 11, 2018

what happens to your money with a Kickstarter project creator disappears? It’s happened before.