Stick To Everything on Radio Misfits

Stick To Everything on Radio Misfits

Latest Episodes

Stick To Everything – Is It Finally Over? Good Riddance!
May 14, 2021

After a historic, traumatic, bizarre, eye-opening era, Larry and Paul reflect on what they learned over the course of a 16-month pandemic year! (EP13)

Stick To Everything – To Kill All Of The Ewoks!
May 07, 2021

Jeremy Ross chats with Larry and Paul about a number of topics going on in Chicago!  (#012)

Stick To Everything – Who Misses Public Transportation?
April 23, 2021

Life has not been normal for a long time, but Larry and Paul are ready to jump back to life as they Stick to Everything! [EP11]

Stick To Everything – It All Comes Full Circle
April 09, 2021

Larry and Paul promise to Stick to Everything! [EP10]

Stick to Everything – A Biblical Study of Fluff
April 02, 2021

Travis Miller joins Paul to discuss an array of topics like; sports, religion, politics, and more.  (EP9)

Stick To Everything – The Three Stages of March
March 26, 2021

Paul and Larry discuss three specific events in the month of March, one that brings some sadness while the others bring joy. (#08)

Stick To Everything – The Power of Interaction
March 19, 2021

Paul and Larry talk about how people have impacted them in their lives through the years, whether in an interview or seeing on TV. (EP7)

Stick To Everything – Dude, That’s My Car…And My Words
March 05, 2021

Paul discusses his quest for peaceful activities during the pandemic while Larry muses about his dream car and his efforts to find multiple passions. (EP06)

Stick To Everything – We Love The ’90’s
February 26, 2021

Paul and Larry discuss the shortest month of the year, the last normal major event in Chicago before the pandemic, and more reflections on the 1990s. [EP05]

Stick to Everything – A Winter Trip Down Memory Lane…and Wall Street
February 19, 2021

As the cold continues, Paul talks about his favorite Wall Street movies & anti-social people while Larry ponders a major pandemic-era question while going through his life memory box. [EP4]