Stages to Success

Stages to Success

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No Average Joe, Questions from a Carolina Listener
August 01, 2018

For the last episode of season 1 of Stages to Success, I respond to questions posed by a faithful listener since episode 1, Joe from the Carolinas.   Joe wants to go deeper into the mind and motivations of the performer,

Hey, That Navy Man Just Made Me $5 Million, and These Bagels are Pretty Good, Too
July 26, 2018

Today’s guest,  Chicago real estate attorney Jim Hochman, began his legal career in the Navy, working his way into the J.A.G.  Hear how Jim began his legal career before he even attended law school, rose to prominence as an in-house counsel at CBRE,

On Mozart and Baseball
July 19, 2018

Know a little about baseball, and want to learn about Mozart, or vice versa?  Jump into the parallel universes of Jim Moffitt,  36-year clarinetist of the Hawaii Symphony and for even longer, a walking encyclopedia of baseball.

From Corn Shucking in Iowa to Designing in Dubai – Ray Volk of Jenkins and Huntington
July 11, 2018

Ray Volk, of Jenkins and Huntington in Chicago, has one of the most important jobs for high rise commercial buildings, but on a transactional level, you’ll probably never meet him.  Just what is it that he does that’s so behind-the-scenes?

Hey Comrade, No Frisbee in Red Square - The Career Changing Moments for Violinist Frank Almond
July 04, 2018

Violinist Frank Almond’s career began in one of the first U.S. Suzuki studios, in San Diego California. From quitting the violin in his teens, to acceptance into the Juilliard School in only a few short years, his career took him to Moscow,

Episode 007 – The Birth of a Discipline; Tenant Representation and Julien J. Studley of New York
June 28, 2018

As told by Julien’s first business partner, Mike Solomon, hear how young Julien and his family escape the Nazi blitzkrieg across Europe, and make their way to New York.  Hear how this enterprising teenager, without a formal high school education,

Episode 006 – From the Barn to the Concert Stage
June 20, 2018

Episode 6 of “Stages to Success” is an interview with Susan Slaughter, retired principal trumpet of the St. Louis Symphony and Gail Williams, retired Associate Principal Horn of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  Through the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s,

Episode 005 – Jonathan Zimmerman, The King of Class C in Chicago
June 13, 2018

Episode 5 of “Stages to Success” is an interview of Jonathan Zimmerman, Managing Broker of Willard Jones Real Estate in Chicago. Jonathan dominates the niche of Class C landlord representation in Chicago. He’s a life-long Chicagoan who started his own ...

Episode 004 – The Six Million Dollar Musicians, Doug Prosser and Chris Wu
June 06, 2018

Episode 4 of “Stages to Success” is an interview with Doug Prosser, principal trumpet of the Rochester Philharmonic and Chris Wu, from the first violin section of the Pittsburgh Symphony.  Doug and Chris both stared down the barrel of a career-ending i...

Episode 003 – Goldie Wolfe-Miller: The Doyenne of Chicago Real Estate
May 30, 2018

Episode 3 of “Stages to Success” is an interview of  Goldie Wolfe-Miller of Millbrook Properties.  Follow Goldie’s amazing biographical arc, starting as a refugee to the United States, success in her first career after college,