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Is You Cuffin or Not???
October 10, 2023

This week I discuss how you can be intentional this Cuffin Season by taking a self-assessment on whether you need a new body or hobby.I get into the parallels of Cuffin Season and seasonal depressio

I’m that and Some ft. Chels Sincerray
October 02, 2023

This week Chels Sincerray and I chatted about their journey to becoming more secure and productive creative professionals. We got deep into their roots and elements of their identity, hometown culture

Special Delivery : Behind the Silk Podcast ”Men Do Face Masks Too”
September 27, 2023

Subscribe to the Behind the Silk Podcast hosted by my guest from last week Ericka ParkerMen do self care too okay yall! Today we have on Rodney Perry from theSimply King Podcast and he is here to

Simply Silkenn ft. Ericka Parker
September 18, 2023

This week I sat down to speak with the Founder & CEO of Silkenn Skincare, Ericka Parker. We spoke not only about her company Silkenn but we also got a comprehensive outlook on how Ericka's intelli

King Expresses Vol.2
September 11, 2023

This week I express a few heavy growing pains I am observing about my life. I spoke about the impact of transitions, how men aren't excited by the idea of being a patriarch, how dating on apps is weir

Lyrical Audacity Vol.3 ft. Skyler Harris
August 21, 2023

This week on Simply King, I'm back with another Lyrical Audacity episode, this time, I got a little help breaking down 2 songs. This week, my guest is Skyler Harris multi-hyphenate creative that could

Sydney’s Safe Space ft. Sydney Rosant
July 24, 2023

This week on the Simply King podcast I have on Brown University student and emerging content creator, Sydney Rosant. We chatted about the affirmative action supreme court case, being Black at an Ivy L

Words,Growth and Love ft. Kaya Nova
July 17, 2023

This week on Simply King, I have the multi-talented Kaya Nova back on the podcast. She currently heads the media company which she is the founder of called Grown Mag, in addition, she is still activel

Where’s the Bar Redux
July 03, 2023

This week's episode is dedicated to my new nephew Dae Dae, I love you. I brought the topic that everyone is tired of onto my platform to give my gems of productive takes on modern dating, for me it's

Lyrical Audacity Vol. 2
May 03, 2023

In this episode of Simply King, I delve into the world of love songs and the stories they tell. Specifically, I explore the lyrics of J. Cozier's "She's All I Got", Mya's "Fallen", and Carl Thomas's "