Latest Episodes

Scrappy: Ruh Global Impact
July 23, 2020

In the mid- 1980’s, Debra Ruh was nurturing a successful career in the banking industry and looking forward to starting a family. But in 1987, her path took an unexpected... Listen Scrappy: Ruh Global Impact

Scrappy: Everyday Masks
June 18, 2020

Staci Tinkelman and Becky Pyles realized early in the Covid-19 pandemic that masks were going to become a critical need – not just for front-line medical staff, but for the... Listen Scrappy: Everyday Masks

Scrappy: Federico’s Pizza
May 26, 2020

Michael Morin and his brother Bryan were beginning to gear up for a new year at their family-owned pizza shop in New Jersey. Then, out of the blue, Covid-19 changed... Listen Scrappy: Federico’s Pizza

Scrappy Episode 10: ICAN
January 23, 2020

Henry Salinas was called to service throughout his life – helping to tend farms with his parents as a boy, joining the Army as a young man and raising a... Listen Scrappy Episode 10: ICAN

Scrappy Episode 9: Feed the Barrel
January 14, 2020

Hani White’s mother and grandmother made sure that cooking was a family event as she grew up near Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. For them, cooking was a shared... Listen Scrappy Episode 9: Feed the Barrel

Scrappy Episode 8: SunFarmer
December 20, 2019

As a young boy growing up in Nepal, Avishek Malla dreamed of being a famous athlete, a cricket champion. His career ended after college, though, and he took on a... Listen Scrappy Episode 8: SunFarmer

Scrappy Episode 7: Jennifer Lynn Robinson
December 12, 2019

Jennifer’s journey is quintessentially American. It’s a story of a daughter of hard-working, immigrant parents who came to this country and strove to make good in the land of opportunity... Listen Scrappy Episode 7: Jennifer Lynn Robinson

Scrappy Episode 6: Plastic Bank
December 05, 2019

Growing up on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, the beach was David Katz’s playground; and his father, a merchant marine and craftsman, would take the young David on adventures... Listen Scrappy Episode 6: Plastic Bank

Scrappy Episode 5: Greensgrow Farm
November 26, 2019

Even as a young schoolgirl, Mary Seton Corboy took her dissent from the norm rather seriously. In class, she would lead rebellions from atop her desk and build consensus in... Listen Scrappy Episode 5: Greensgrow Farm

Scrappy Episode 4: Solar Roadways
November 19, 2019

Julie and Scott Brusaw met when they were just kids, hiding behind their mothers’ legs as they were introduced to each other, neighbors in a new development in Southern California.... Listen Scrappy Episode 4: Solar Roadways