The BICYCLIST Experience Podcast

The BICYCLIST Experience Podcast

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TBE Episode 162: Vice! Shines A Light On Bicycle-related Fatalities, A Bicycle Made From Recycled Pods, F-HOT-W (Funniest Headlines of the Week)
September 18, 2019

Discussing Vice's investigation in bicycle-related fatalities, how a bike brand creatively used recycled Nespresso pods, funny headlines we read, and the stationary bike saga continues.

TBE Episode 161: Cars Parked in Bike Lanes: A Solution, the Joys of Outdoor Cycling, Peloton’s Predicament, and Watts of Watt Talk
August 31, 2019

Is an app that allows riders to report cars parked in bike lanes a public nuisance or a beneficial tool? We discuss the implications of apps like these, plus a tip on potentially avoiding the cost of medical transportation,

TBE Episode 160: The Latest Iteration of the ‘Rules of Cycling’, NYT Nods Towards eBikes, and A Record-Length Post-Show for the SuperFans
August 24, 2019

We review all of Phil Gaimon's "11 Rules for Cycling" and reveal our thoughts on the relevancy of these new rules. We cover the increasing popularity of electric bikes, and our record-length post-show delves into the mechanics behind our recording setu...

TBE Episode 159: Another Bite at the Feedback Apple, Defending the Cruiser, Article Read: Cycling’s ‘Weak Culture’, and the Future of Pizza Delivery
August 15, 2019

In this episode we discuss the claims of “weak culture” in cycling, complacency in cycling media, how Domino’s is utilizing electric bikes for delivery, and soon all Trek Road Bikes will have compact cranksets.

TBE Episode 158: Steel Bikes and Direct Mount at the Tour de France, the Busiest Bike Lane in North America, and the Importance of Mental Health in Sports
July 31, 2019

We summarize the finale of the 2019 Tour de France, along with a discussion of some unusual gear and bikes that were spotted at the Tour. We also dive into how the so-called 'busiest bike lane in America' was once considered a bad idea,

TBE Episode 157: Office Cameo, No Love Lost for Cruiser Bikes, Viathon Hardtail Gets Reviewed, and Small Guys Take on Big Scooter
July 29, 2019

We talk about the "repo-men" who are cleaning up scooters off San Diego streets, as well as our feelings about beach cruiser bikes and models worth considering, and the latest review of Walmart's Viathon hardtail mountain bike.

TBE Episode 156: On Defense, Mountain of Hell, The Rungu Ride Coming to a Beach Near You and the Lubri Disc – Yay or Nay
July 18, 2019

We return for another episode covering the latest cycling news and events coming across the wire. We touch on our thoughts about negative reviews, and then move into our topics for the episode including the viral Mountain of Hell video,

TBE Episode 155: Fueling Your Adventure Need Not Cost an Arm or a Leg, Unthreading Tariffs on Bikes and Rationals for Economic Forecasting.. Exciting!
June 30, 2019

We discuss making bike-packing and touring foods taste good, why it's important to have good tasting food on the road and trail and we discuss the ways to spice up your meals while you're touring the trails and roads. Additionally,

TBE Episode 154: Notes on Lighting, Bar Tape Hits and Misses, and the Products that Stood Out at Outdoor Retailer
June 25, 2019

We follow-up on some of our lighting discussion from last weeks episode, as well as reviewing some corrosion on new bar tape and why this might be happening. We finish up the episode with a discussion on some gear to try (or toss) from this past week's...

TBE Episode 153: Follow-up Extravaganza, Insights and Afterthoughts, Ride Tracking, Lighting, and Building Bikes
June 14, 2019

We cover some follow-up in this episode including Victor's in-depth review of his preferred ride tracking apps, as well as the hurdles encountered when building up a vintage bike. And finally, getting the most bang for you buck when searching for light...