Becoming the Light from the Shadows of Abuse

Becoming the Light from the Shadows of Abuse

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How to be a Fear – Less Speaker with Melanie Wood
September 30, 2020 Melanie is an International Speaker and is the Founder/Owner of Speaking Styles, an organisation passionate about helping Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Passionate for Growth individuals find their voice,

Smiling through Trauma with Anne Miles
September 26, 2020 How does a single mother of two children get through the aftermath of domestic abuse, raising children with special needs, workplace abuse and discrimination, financial hardships and chronic health issues and still remain...

Finding me Again with Juliette Mullen.
September 17, 2020 Are you ready to rise into a better quality of life, one with no limitations? Juliette Mullen, The Mindset & Soul Resilience Coach and Therapist believes we all deserve success and a good life balance.

Raising Your Vibration with Taryn Claire Le Nu
September 09, 2020 Taryn Claire is an Author, Speaker, Breast Cancer Survivor&Thriver, she lives life with Lymphoedema, is a Gratitude Junkie, Rawfood Chef, Urban Farmer, Beekeeper, Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master and Spiritual Mentor.

Trauma does not have to be a life-sentence with Jas Rawlinson
September 04, 2020 Trauma does not have to be a life-sentence: Re-writing your story from surviving to thriving.... In this episode hear from Jas Rawlinson, Memoir writing coach & Best-selling Author .

MINDSHIFT the future of mindset with Sharlene Lynch
August 28, 2020 In this episode hear from Sharlene Lynch, Mindshift coach and Keynote speaker. Sharlene tell us the heartbreaking story of finding her son had committed suicide at 17 years of age... how she overcame this trauma,

Re Connect to your Soul with Jaimee Ann
June 16, 2020 "I am a transformational guide, & an entrepreneur with a deep passion for fun and adventure." - Jaimee Ann, Soul Alignment and business Alchemist. Hear incredible stories from women who have overcome extreme trauma in ...

How to Fathom Who You Are with Carolyn Hobdey
June 08, 2020 Carolyn Hobdey has been through a number of traumatic events in her adult life, many based around personal relationships. In this episode Carolyn tells us her personal story.

I Said Yes! with Sarah Griffiths
June 01, 2020 Reading the chapter that I wrote for this anthology and breaking it down for you afterwards. Because it is short and I was not ready 4 years ago to reveal so much about what I had been through it does not deal with the ...

What has happened to me and what I’ve happened to in life! with Gayle Nicholson
May 24, 2020 Our guest today on  "Becoming the Light from the Shadows of Abuse" is Gayle Nicholson. - "A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, kidnapping, severe neglect, and the psychological trauma" Learning from her experiences ha...