Becoming the Light from the Shadows of Abuse

Becoming the Light from the Shadows of Abuse

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Love Shouldn’t Hurt with Kellie Carter-Bell
December 13, 2020 I have overcome and broken the cycle of 23 years domestic violence including my ex husband trying to kill me. Today I am a thriving survivor with a passion to pay my 23 years forward.

Navigating No Contact with Toxic Parents – Tracy Principi
December 04, 2020 Tracy Principi is a trauma informed mentor and Somatic Experiencing Professional helping men and women navigate no contact with toxic parents. She provides 1 on 1 somatic work and nervous system regulation work as well as ...

My Journey to Worthy with Vanessa Haldane
November 27, 2020 The Journey To Worthy movement was born out my own personal journey and recovery from childhood trauma, a DV relationship, teen motherhood and subsequent mental health issues and disordered eating. Contact Vanessa www.

From violence to finding Your Real Self with Renee Mayne.
November 20, 2020 There is a remembrance in our journey to back to self, a moment where everything that has happened to you dissolves, where you remember who you were born to be without being the by-product of your life experiences.  

Quieting your mind to find out who you are with Eloise Skye
November 13, 2020 is a movement and meditation teacher, and intuitive worker. She found this path after leaving an emotionally abusive relationship, and is passionate about helping others to connect to themselves,

Living her best life with disabilities – Lisa Cox
November 06, 2020 Hello! I’m Lisa Cox. You’re probably wondering who I am and what I’m all about, right? I should probably warn you I kinda go on about my own stuff for a little bit here. The reason being,

The power of live, from unknown to Influencer with Anna Osherov
November 01, 2020 Anna Osherov is an event marketing expert working with visionary leaders to create industry influencers through the power of live events. Anna was born in Ukraine, she is an avid traveler with 38 countries under her belt....

Healing Autoimmune Naturally with Marsha Schults
October 23, 2020 Taking control of your health and debunking the 'no cure' myth Marsha is an independent researcher of health, wellness and supplementation for 17 years and as a person who's walked the pathway to recover from Autoimmune nat...

Survive, Heal & Thrive ‘Rape & Sexual Abuse’ with Lyn Smith
October 15, 2020 Lyn’s personal story is a very inspirational and harrowing one of how she went from having unhealthy relationships with men (on the back of several serious traumatic sexual assaults in her teens) to now being in a soul ful...

Happy, successful and free after abuse with Lucy Devi Hall
October 08, 2020 Lucy’s story is one that includes Sexual abuse, bereavement, racial abuse, addiction, bulimia, anorexia and self-harm… Hear more incredible stories each week from women who have overcome extreme trauma in their lives,