Becoming the Light from the Shadows of Abuse

Becoming the Light from the Shadows of Abuse

From violence to finding Your Real Self with Renee Mayne.

November 20, 2020

There is a remembrance in our journey to back to self, a moment where everything that has happened to you dissolves, where you remember who you were born to be without being the by-product of your life experiences.
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When you willingly sit in the fire of our fear completely unafraid, holding the permission you granted yourself to be yourself firmly in your grasp. 
Always cultivating a state of being of your pure soul self. 
As we enter into the house of hedonism we move beyond knowing that we are "of the universal one mind", and activate how to be, move and take action as the universal one mind. We transcend our consciousness entering into this paradigm of our hedonistic evolution. Where we end all recycling of fear and step into and unleash our omnipotent, transcendent Intuitive Dominatrix. 
Renée is an unorthodox and freakishly gifted visionary and Intuitive Guide, who leads a hedonistic evolution for women who called to disrupt the status quo and make sense of their existence, to be initiated into a new way being, and connect them to their divine self.

A poetic and transformation Speaker, Teacher, Guide, Dominatrix, lover of lingerie and spoken word has been leading in the areas of self, service, spirit and sex for over two decades.

The ascension of this hedonistic evolution opens you up to world of no separation and for the first time in their life it’s the end of all pursuits because they are complete in every. single. way.

A womxn who has had this remembrance will inhabit Heaven wherever she happens to be standing.