Room 77 Swinger Podcast | Lifestyle Podcast For Swingers

Room 77 Swinger Podcast | Lifestyle Podcast For Swingers

Ep. 69: Keep Stroking That Ego (In Public)

April 17, 2023
  1. We travel far and wide for some semi-secluded beaches to do some deep, deep research on exhibitionism (kidding, we wanted to have sex on a public beach!)
  2. Our vacay turns interesting at a breakfast cafe when we are faced with a full restaurant, no where to sit, and a very cute couple.
  3. We change AirBnb's to one more suitable for filming dirty videos. How do you explain to the Super Host that the married, party of two is choosing the unit with two double beds because of patio sight-lines?
  4. Richard loves to stroke his (ego) by the thrill of getting caught and wonders why more women aren't exhibitionists.

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