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Retire South Shore Radio

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Radio 89 -Navigate Smoothly
October 24, 2021

Sailing into retirement can be a bit daunting. Lots of important decisions to be made, many courses to chart. Having the team of experienced navigators from South Shore Retirement Services aboard is a

Radio 88 -Retirement Strategy the Yoga Way
October 18, 2021

Today, Mark and Jordan break out their “virtual yoga mats” and compare the essence of yoga practice  – stretching, finding solid footing, inner balance  – to navigating the world of retirement strateg

Radio 87   -Inheritance Assets
October 11, 2021

Planning now for what you’d like to leave to loved ones and/or charitable organizations is so important. Mark discusses options for such assets as second homes, holdings, jewelry, collectibles and mor

Episode 86 -Creating A Clear Picture
October 04, 2021

Whether you’re working with an advisor or preparing your retirement on your own, there are a myriad of misconceptions and potential pitfalls to avoid. Today, Mark discusses challenging issues people e

Radio 85 – Tips for Generational Planning
September 27, 2021

For so many in the “Sandwich-Generation,” there comes a time when we need to ask questions of parents and relatives as they approach retirement.  Mark discusses what the key questions are and appropri

Radio 84 -Myths About Money
September 19, 2021

It makes the world go round, but money can be the source of so much angst and frustration.  So today, Mark and Jordan look at the hard myths about money and how countering those myths will help you en

Radio 83 -Three B’s
September 13, 2021

Mark outlines the three “B’s” when it comes to tax management in retirement.  Be careful, Be aware and Be consistent.Learn how to put the axiom into practice and further protect your nest egg. Click h

Radio 82 – Retirement 5x5x5
September 05, 2021

Five years out from retirement is an ideal time to consider five key elements for the first five years of your retirement strategy. Mark outlines what they are and how South Shore Retirement Services

Radio 81 – Found Money
August 30, 2021

For many of you entering retirement, there may be available money you’ve overlooked. Mark discusses how the All Hands Analysis™ Team at South Shore Retirement Services assists in tracking down thousan

Radio 80 -Estate Planning
August 22, 2021

Estate planning is so very important when it comes to your retirement.  Attorney Bill Caldwell is part of the All Hands Analysis team and discusses just what is needed and how South Shore Retirement S