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Radio 28 -A Steady Stream
August 09, 2020

Now that the tax deadline has passed, it’s the perfect time to assess how you’re doing with your portfolio and investigate ways to ensure your steady stream of retirement income. Mark shares helpful reminders and lets us know what we should be examinin...

Radio 27 -A Check Under the Hood
August 02, 2020

Mid-summer, particularly with the July 15th tax deadline come and gone, is an ideal time to “check under the hood” when it comes to retirement plans in place or those to come. Mark reminds us all about what to focus on,

Radio 26 -Present & Future Income
July 26, 2020

Mark and Jordan discuss the importance of receiving an objective review of present and future income when considering retirement. South Shore Retirement Services offer no-obligation free consultations, with no agenda other than presenting people with t...

Radio 25 -When to Retire
July 12, 2020

Today’s episode tackles a growing dilemma for many nearing retirement.   Do I continue working for another few years or less?  Or do I retire early to avoid health risks and other considerations in the era of Covid-19?

Radio 24 -Independence Day
July 05, 2020

On a special Independence Day episode, Mark welcomes his in-laws Sue and Rich to discuss the impact Covid-19 has had on their lives as well as their retirement portfolios.  They share a story of the careful planning for their retirement and the confide...

Radio 23 -The Summer Plan
June 28, 2020

Mark and Jordan discuss the benefits to some of converting certain holdings to Roth IRA’s.  Plus, how a summer rise in Covid-19 cases will impact the stock market and the struggling economy, and ways that retirees can adapt and amend their planning if ...

Radio 22 -Budget & Timeline
June 22, 2020

With the Covid-19 uncertainty continuing, Mark and Jordan discuss the importance of working with a budget, knowing your timeline and planning wisely for balance in retirement. Click here to learn more about Mark Rowlette,

Radio 21 -Stress Test
June 14, 2020

The stock market continues to undergo massive shifts and it has a lot of us rightfully worried. Mark talks with Jordan about the importance of sensible planning during volatile financial times.  He also invites people to contact South Shore Retirement ...

Radio 20 -Early Retirement
June 04, 2020

On the podcast, Mark and Jordan talk about the stress on many older workers furloughed or laid off.  Can you retire early, and should you?  What are your options? Turns out there are many things to consider.

Radio 19 -Tax Concerns in Retirement
May 31, 2020

Mark tackles some of the important questions people have about taxes in retirement and options available to better protect your income. Also covered are questions answered at the recent South Shore Retirement Webinar.