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RenMac Off-Script: What’s the Bull Case
September 30, 2022

nMac talks about sentiment, it’s faults and features, what could go right, the valuation problem, why bonds are attractive, next week’s jobs number, and the latest on government spending bill.

RenMac Off-Script: So Far, Not So Good
September 23, 2022

Renmac discusses the Fed’s neutral rate, persistent strength in employment, Neil’s personal microcosm of housing, the potential for a government shutdown, real rates and the implicit message behind Bi

RenMac Off-Script: Claims vs Commodities
September 16, 2022

RenMac highlights Larry Sabato’s higher than consensus’ odds of R’s taking the Senate, the 100 vs 75bps debate, implications of $FDX news, relative performance of discretionary vs staples, importance

RenMac Off-Script: Offsides Overcompensation
September 09, 2022

The RenMac team discusses Queen Elizabeth’s legacy, why Biden is leaving Trump’s China tariffs in place, markets pricing in 150bps over the next three Fed meetings, labor market remaining hot, why the

RenMac Off-Script: Paying More For Less
September 02, 2022

The RenMac team discusses how the U.S. economy is not slowing down and what that means for the Fed moving forward, Biden’s political speech aimed at motivating the Democratic base ahead of the midterm

RenMac Off-Script: Jackson Hole or Black Hole
August 26, 2022

Neil and Jeff talk about the wages, housing, market momentum, trouble with forward guidance and the upcoming Fed meeting.

RenMac Off-Script: Rainy Days In Vegas & For The GOP
August 19, 2022

The RenMac team discusses Neil’s recent trip to Vegas, Democrats improved political standing, Bullard’s motives and message, how this housing recession is different, momentum signals in the market, an

RenMac Off-Script: A Summer of Skeptics
August 12, 2022

Biden’s 0% inflation victory lap, better/worse vs good/bad, momentum is unusually strong and bullish, how the Mar Largo raid increases odds of Trump candidacy, and the decline productivity from Neil’s

RenMac Off-Script: Higher Highs and Lower Lows
August 05, 2022

The RenMac team discusses how the employment report cements a 75 bps move for the Fed and increases the odds of a hard landing, why the short-term curve should be steeper, whether jobs are a lagging i

RenMac Off-Script: Slowdown vs. Recession
July 29, 2022

The RenMac team discusses how Schumer outmaneuvered McConnell on the reconciliation package, Powell’s pivot to a pause vs. cut, SPX 20-day high signal, markets misreading the Fed, futures suggesting a