Renegade Files

Renegade Files

Lizard People: Our Reptilian Bloodline Overlords - RF059

February 14, 2024

This is Renegade Files Episode 59, Lizard People: Our Reptilian Bloodline Overlords.


Reptilians, Lizard People, or Draconian Subterranean Overlords; whatever you call them, you have to admit, they pack a provocative punch.


Whether you think of them as your favorite junk conspiracy, or the most dangerous reality on Earth, you can be sure that we are going deep on this one.


On this episode of Renegade Files, we’ll explore the legends, ideas, and theories of these cold-blooded hominids, from Ancient First People’s teachings of serpent Demons, through some religious symbolism territory, into the dizzying depths of David Icke’s Theories, and across all manner of reports featuring everything from Sleestacks of old, to the Reptilian Bloodlines of the Power Elite.


So put on your snake-proof boots, load up in the Paranormal Investigation Vehicle, and come with me to parts unknown as we explore the slimy world of the dreaded Lizard People: Our Reptilian Bloodline Overlords.


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