The People You Don't Know Podcast

The People You Don't Know Podcast

Latest Episodes

Episode 32 - Looking Back
October 25, 2009

Andrew Weiss talks about why he loves the 80's. Stephen Boyd talks about how a DJ saved his life.

Video Episode 1 - What's Goin' On
October 25, 2009

Video?! What IS going on indeed.

Episode 31 - SPX 2009 Bonus!
October 12, 2009

PYDK goes to the Small Press Expo 2009. I talk to people on the floor, including former guests of PYDK. Fun times!

Episode 30 - Ideas People
September 28, 2009

Gwen Ballantyne shows how she turns artistic ideas into theme park rides and museum exhibits. And then Colin Marshall shows how his public radio show The Marketplace of Ideas exhibits his perspective on the ideas in our culture.

Episode 29 - Gone Podcastin'
September 20, 2009

Guests galore, as Justin Vactor and Willie Gillis from the podcasts Geekland and Entertainment Overload stop by to chat about the podcast medium. And then Matt, Kyle, Dexter and Alvaro from the Everything is Wonderful Podcast cause general mayhem.

Episode 28 - Science and Fiction
September 13, 2009

Andy Farke stops by to talk about paleontology and the Open Dinosaur Project. Jessica Mae Stover talks about being a blog celebrity and her independent film project, Artemis Eternal, and making movies outside of the studio structure.

Episode 27 - Humor from the North
August 23, 2009

Adam Medley is an artist and humorist whose clippings combine text and images for some unexpected and hilarious results. Ryan North is the creator of the incredible webcomic, Dinosaur Comics, as well as the web advertising network Project Wonderful.

Episode 26 - Community Spirit
August 16, 2009

Community organizer and developer JJ Sheffer talks about life lessons. And then Chris Piers talks about podcasting, indie comics, and street brawlin' in New Orleans.

Episiode 25 - Toys for All the Girls and Boys
August 11, 2009

Lead editor from Toyfare Magazine, Justin Aclin, talks to me about what it’s like working at the biggest action toy mag in the biz, and also his experiences in writing and producing his first graphic novel, Hero House. Then, a 25th ep retrospective!

Episode 24 - Beauty and Buzz
August 03, 2009

Actress Lina So stops by and talk about her career in acting. Then Cate Sevilla from Bitchbuzz talks about her start in blogging and how she founded the women's lifestyle network site Bitchbuzz.