Planting The Seeds Of Change

Planting The Seeds Of Change

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037 – The Concrete Benefits of Mindfulness in Business
December 01, 2018

My guest is Puja Madan, an award-winning mindfulness and leadership consultant, author, and speaker. She is the founder of The Mindfulness Map, a consultancy dedicated to helping organizations improve their growth,

Ep.036 – Are You Bold Enough to Follow Your Heart?
November 06, 2018

My guest is Patricia Brooks, an author and life coach who recently stepped up her game by moving to France and unexpectedly jumping into a coaching business. Almost a year ago, after training as a coach and writing a book,

Ep.035 Build a Career on Your Strengths and Joy
November 04, 2018

My guest in this podcast is Liiz Herrera, an inspiring coach who pushes herself to face her fears. Liiz is a career services professional in higher education and loves her 9-to-5. She will also share her story of “accidentally” becoming a full-fledged ...

Ep.034 The Energy Of Money
October 04, 2018

My guest in today’s podcast is Rose-marie Fernandez, who has dubbed herself the Chief Influencing Officer of her company, Coaching Worx ( Rose-marie works with leaders and senior executives who want to influence and create greater impa...

Ep.033 The Safety-Net Mindset and Other Tips for Mastering Change
September 24, 2018

My guest, Dr. Laura Gallaher, is very familiar with change. She is an organizational psychologist turned executive coach who works with clients globally as she travels the world. (I talked to her while she was in Serbia.

Ep.032 Our Students (Kids) Are Our Teachers
May 21, 2018

5 Success Tips for Busy Mompreneurs and Women Entrepreneurs   A few years ago Vyky Rafai needed to figure out who she was and make some big changes in her life. When the women around her reached out and lifted her up,

Ep.031 180 Degree Transition
April 23, 2018

How Speaking Your Core Message Can Build Your Business My guest Carol Cox works with high-performing women entrepreneurs who want to increase their visibility as they grow their business. She helps them create their signature talk and develop a visibil...

Ep.030 Resilience In Difficult Times
March 25, 2018

5 Tips for Maintaining Resilience through Difficult Times My podcast guest, Cynthia Petti of Genuine Spark in the bay area of California, has gone through significant changes in the last year due in part to her partner’s brush with serious illness and ...

Ep.029 Spitfire Seeds For Business Owners
February 27, 2018

Lauren LeMunyan, PCC Owner, Lauren LeMunyan Coaching, LLC & The SpitFire Coach At the age of six, Lauren tasted her first drop of entrepreneurship and was hooked (literally). What started as way to cure boredom while hanging out with some octogenarians...

Ep.028 Influence Without Authority
September 22, 2017

How to Gain Influence as a Leader for Better Outcomes and Increased Productivity Let’s talk about influence. My coaching clients often ask me to help them gain confidence and influence others—to rally others to their cause.