The Hunter Apprentice

The Hunter Apprentice

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23 - Let’s Talk Waterfowl!
November 10, 2022

Mike, Muc and honorary guest Brian catch up on the latest in how their season is going and then dive into talking everything waterfowl. We have been learning A TON of waterfowl hunting strategies and

22 - That’s Just Real Hunting
August 31, 2022

Hunting season is right around the corner and Mike is joined by guests Leigh and Mark from Tooth of the Arrow broadheads to talk shop with arrow and broadhead tuning, broadhead design, and arrow fligh

21 - Comin’ Out Heavy
August 19, 2022

Mike sits down with his good friend Jaret to debrief their early season Rocky Mountain Goat hunt. Mother nature threw everything at them and yet, when the stars align, good things happen. They talk

20 - Everything Arrows, Tuning, and Bowhunting with Kill’n Stix’s Jason Acorn and Calvin Buckler
August 04, 2022

Join Mike and guests Jason Acorn and Calvin Buckler, from arrow company Kill'n Stix, as they chat about everything arrows! We chat tuning, shaft size and spine in regard to hunting application, broad

19 - Monster Bear and Short Supplies
July 14, 2022

Mike, Jeremy and Muc get into to it and waste no time catching up on Muc's spring bear hunt of a lifetime! With wind and weather against him, Muc managed to pull off harvesting the black bear of every

18 - Ain’t No Time for Injuries
June 06, 2022

Mike is joined by LeeAnne and Mike from the Acumen Clinic in Edmonton Alberta to chat about Mike's recent knee injury, surgery through the Acumen Clinic, and his recovery process. With a short turn a

17 - Exo Mtn Gear Backpack Fitting and Seasonal Hunt TrainingTips
May 17, 2022

Mike is joined my Mark Huelsing from Exo Mountain Gear, a premier hunting pack company based in Idaho. Exo Mountain Gear has been in the game of building some of the best hunting packs since 2014. M

16 - Turkey Hunt Recap from Travis and Mike, Spring Hunt Plans, and Season 3 Production Outlook
May 09, 2022

Mike, Jeremy and Travis talk about their trip down to southern BC for spring Turkey, things they learned and saw. Mike talks about his first hunting experience after his knee surgery back in January

15 - Hunting Gobblers and Baiting Bruins
April 08, 2022

Mike, along with Guests Muc Simons and April Willis, talk hunting gobblers and baiting bruins on this classic "spring hunting season" topic. Muc has been hunting bears most of his life with a deep un

14 - Hunting Mule Deer with a Bow; Common Mistakes, Mentality, and Expectations
March 28, 2022

Mike joins with guest Dawson Atamanchuk for a unorthodox spring topic; mule deer and bow hunting. The snow is melting and it's time to get outside! Getting that bow tuned up for longer distances, re