The Hunter Apprentice

The Hunter Apprentice

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#32 - Justin Spruiell and Joe Trottier with the Armed Forces Initiative of the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers
August 08, 2023

Mike is joined by Joe Trottier and Justin Spruiell of the Armed Forces Initiative (AFI) of the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.  Justin, Joe and Mike round table what the AFI is all about, how it help

#31 - Greg Toogood with Prairie Pursuit
July 06, 2023

Greg Toogood is the host of the hunting Wild TV series "Bushnell Presents Prairie Pursuit". Greg is producing the show's 7th season this year! Mike and Greg talk about some of the challenges faced wh

#30 - Spring Bear PALOOZA!
June 23, 2023

If you're a lover of bear hunting, this episode is for you! We have Isla Friesen, Mike's 12 year old daughter, and Landen Fidek, Pursue the Hunt team member, on the podcast to re-live their spring bea

#29 - Jordan Ellis with Divebomb Industries
May 31, 2023

Jordan is a professional photographer, videographer, and media specialist for Divebomb Industries in the USA. Growing up in Texas, hunting has been a part of Jordan's lifestyle and continued on to ma

#28 - Brendon Ehrhardt with 222 Metalworks
March 28, 2023

On this episode, Mike and Brendon with 222 Metalworks talk about how he got his start in the euro mount business and how it relates to having those trophy conversation pieces displayed in your living

#27 - Sharing Your Hunts with Aaron Stonehocker from Tactacam
March 10, 2023

On this episode of the Hunter Apprentice Podcast, Mike chats with Aaron Stonehocker from Tactacam. The guys chat about some cool and user friendly ways you can film your hunts with the Tactacam produ

#26 T.J. Schwanky - A Pioneer in Hunting Television
March 02, 2023

Mike is joined by Muc Simons and special guest T.J. Schwanky on this episode of the Hunter Apprentice. T.J., Mike and Muc talk about how the hunting television industry has changed over the years, so

#25 Royd Lusk - Taxidermy and Whitetail Hype
January 26, 2023

On this episode, Mike sits down with friend and taxidermist Royd Lusk to talk about the ins and outs of taxidermy, what it takes to get into it, how long he's been doing taxidermy, things he has learn

#24 - Ducks, Skyscrapers, and Prize Wheels
January 18, 2023

Mike is joined by Muc Simons and Landen Fidek from Saskatchewan to debrief on Mike's latest hunt to Vancouver on the Canadian west coast for late season waterfowl. Mike, with friend and DUC staff Zan

23 - Let’s Talk Waterfowl!
November 10, 2022

Mike, Muc and honorary guest Brian catch up on the latest in how their season is going and then dive into talking everything waterfowl. We have been learning A TON of waterfowl hunting strategies and