The Hunter Apprentice

The Hunter Apprentice

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18 - Ain’t No Time for Injuries
June 06, 2022

Mike is joined by LeeAnne and Mike from the Acumen Clinic in Edmonton Alberta to chat about Mike's recent knee injury, surgery through the Acumen Clinic, and his recovery process.  With a short turn a

17 - Exo Mtn Gear Backpack Fitting and Seasonal Hunt TrainingTips
May 17, 2022

Mike is joined my Mark Huelsing from Exo Mountain Gear, a premier hunting pack company based in Idaho.  Exo Mountain Gear has been in the game of building some of the best hunting packs since 2014.  M

16 - Turkey Hunt Recap from Travis and Mike, Spring Hunt Plans, and Season 3 Production Outlook
May 09, 2022

Mike, Jeremy and Travis talk about their trip down to southern BC for spring Turkey, things they learned and saw.  Mike talks about his first hunting experience after his knee surgery back in January

15 - Hunting Gobblers and Baiting Bruins
April 08, 2022

Mike, along with Guests Muc Simons and April Willis, talk hunting gobblers and baiting bruins on this classic "spring hunting season" topic.  Muc has been hunting bears most of his life with a deep un

14 - Hunting Mule Deer with a Bow; Common Mistakes, Mentality, and Expectations
March 28, 2022

Mike joins with guest Dawson Atamanchuk for a unorthodox spring topic; mule deer and bow hunting.  The snow is melting and it's time to get outside!  Getting that bow tuned up for longer distances, re

13 - I Want to Film My Hunts Too, But How?
March 16, 2022

Mike and Jeremy sit down with a panel, Travis, Dawson and Muc, to talk about their experiences in hunting and filming.  Their experience with TV shows, Streaming services, and home content gives great

12 - To Do or Not to Do When Mountain Hunting
February 28, 2022

Mike and Jeremy along with special guests, Travis and Muc, dive into what to do or not to do when mountain hunting in some of the world's most dangerous and unforgiving terrain.  Mike has amde numerou

11 - Bridging the Gap - Vegan to Hunter
February 11, 2022

Mike sits down with his buddy Brian to talk about his move from Vegan to Hunter and his justification behind it. It a great honest chat about how Brian's perception of hunting changed and also the imp

10 – Off Season Injuries, High Fence Hunting, and Banning Trail Cameras
February 04, 2022

Mike, Jeremy and Muc talk about their recovery on some off season injuries and how many hunters “operate injured” much of the season and how that can be avoided. The discussion carries into some hot

9 – Duck Unlimited Project Talk
December 04, 2021

Join Mike and Special Guests Tim. Katherine, and Zane from Ducks Unlimited Canada in BC as they chat local and national projects, ways to get involved, waterfowl conservation, habitat conservation and