Pursue the Hunt Live

Pursue the Hunt Live

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Duck Unlimited Project Talk
December 04, 2021

Join Mike and Special Guests Tim. Katherine, and Zane from Ducks Unlimited Canada in BC as they chat local and national projects, ways to get involved, waterfowl conservation, habitat conservation and

S2E4 – Just Givin’r
June 16, 2021

Catch up with Mike, Jeremy and Robin about how Pursue the Hunt is full throttle ahead. Mike, Jeremy and Robin have been working hard to continue to deliver for the show and give a bit more insight to their goings on behind the scenes.

S2E3 – Hunting, Guns, and Politics
March 22, 2021

Mike, Robin and Federal MP Bob Zimmer talk hunting, guns, and politics as it relates to the current attack on BC hunting in regards to black bear, cougar, elk and wild sheep. Also the up to date on what’s happening with Canada pressing more firearm ban...

S2E2 – #ActNow
March 02, 2021

Mike Friesen, Robin Routledge, and Jeremy Braun are on this episode to talk new content streams launching on their YouTube Channel, their Bison hunt airing on Sportsman Channel Canada, and also a big topic on the attempted huntings bans in BC that are ...

Season 2 Ep 1 - Season 1 Recap and Season 2 Outlook on Sportsman Channel
January 15, 2021

Mike introduces his co-host Jeremy Braun and new crew member and co-host Robin Routledge to the show! They chat about how season 1 filming went for the Sportsman Channel Canada as well as their line up and outlook for season 2!

Ep 8 – 2020 BC Wildlife Regulation Changes, Conservation Efforts and the Wild Sheep Society
August 23, 2020

Join Mike, and special guest Robin Routledge, as they chat important updates on the regulations for BC hunting, conservation issues around the province and updates on the Wild Sheep Society of BC. This episode is chalk full of great information on the ...

Ep7 – K.I.S.S. Mule Deer Spot and Stalk Strategy
July 31, 2020

Mike dives straight into a point by point method of how he strategizes his mule deer hunts. Mike has taken a number of mule deer his bow, with his most notable accomplishment coming 3 seasons ago when we connected with his Pope & Young Mule buck.

Ep6: Chaffing, Wet, and Heavy- Gear Upgrades and Getting in Shape
June 29, 2020

Mike and Jimmy dive into they reasons they’ve upgraded their gear instead of trying to save a buck. “Spend twice as much, buy half as much”. Quality gear is worth it’s weight, literally. Hear about some bad experiences that led to upgrade purchases,

Ep 5: Women in Hunting Series Part 1 – Lana Hamilton and Caitlyn Bellamy
June 18, 2020

Pursue the Hunt in launching a series focused on women and hunting. This has been a growing topic in the hunting industry. Mike interviews Lana Hamilton and Caitlyn Bellamy, both local to the Peace River Region. Lana, while experienced in hunting now,

Ep 4: Hunting New Zealand to Africa: Jordan Walsh with The Riflemen
June 15, 2020

Host Mike Friesen chats with Jordan Walsh, host of The Riflemen about this recent trips to New Zealand for stag and tahr and Africa for dangerous cats and plains game. Jordan lays out the challenges of tahr hunting in the mountains of New Zealand and t...