The Hunter Apprentice

The Hunter Apprentice

17 - Exo Mtn Gear Backpack Fitting and Seasonal Hunt TrainingTips

May 17, 2022

Mike is joined my Mark Huelsing from Exo Mountain Gear, a premier hunting pack company based in Idaho.  Exo Mountain Gear has been in the game of building some of the best hunting packs since 2014.  Mike and Mark talk about their pack systems and what their design means for the hunter.  Whether it be a day hunt or 14 day sheep hunt, Exo has you covered.  More importantly we discuss practical gear packing application, use-ability, hunt training strategies and sound knowledge we've learned from previous hunts to make our future trips more enjoyable and comfortable.  Enjoy this great episode and check these links to some of their specific podcast episodes as well as their website!

The Hunt Backcountry Podcast

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