Psychic Matters!

Psychic Matters!

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PM 078: What is Kinesiology? with Amanda Kate
December 01, 2022

#078 Kinesiologist, Host & Author, Amanda Kate, was in the studio this week, explaining that Kinesiology amalgamates Eastern wisdom with Western science to facilitate energetic shifts that allow your body to heal itself from the inside out. Amanda exp

PM 077: The Call To Mediumship with Steven Smith
November 17, 2022

How does the spirit world impact us all on a daily basis? This week Im interviewing young British Medium, Steven Smith, who discusses his calling to mediumship at the age of 15 and what it is like, to receive the call to work within the field of spiritua

PM 076: Don't Sleep There Are Snakes with Ann Théato
November 03, 2022

#076 Daniel Everett (1951) was born in Holtville, California. A famed linguist, for eight of the last thirty years, Daniel Everett immersed himself in the Pirah culture and other Amazonian people to uncover how language began, how it has evolved, and how

PM 075: The Holistic Power of Pause with Jackie Duffey
October 20, 2022

#075 Reflexologist, Energy Medicine Practitioner & Reiki Master, Jackie Duffey, talks to us about the holistic power of pausing in our lives. She explains the benefits of taking time out to just be. Self-care, Jackie says, is vital, as is caring for

PM 074: What is a Death Café? with Susan Barsky Reid
October 06, 2022

#074 My wonderful guest today is Susan Barsky Reid, who modelled an enterprise called The Death Caf, which she founded in 2011, alongside her wonderful son, Jon Underwood. The objective of Death Caf is to help us all make the most of our finite lives. D

PM: 073 - Ancient Yogic Wisdom Meets Modern Mediumship with Gurdeep Bhogal
September 22, 2022

#073 Trance Medium, Gurdeep Bhogal, is in the studio to share her incredible knowledge on where ancient yogic wisdom meets modern mediumship. When working with clients, Gurdeep uses a trance mediumistic connection, and as she blends her energy, with th

PM 072: Wisdom On The Camino with Kathleen Donnelly Israel
September 08, 2022

#072 My guest this week is certified Transformational Breathing Facilitator & Theta Healer, Kathleen Donnelly Israel, who has just written and published her first book - Wisdom On The Camino a captivating story of her solo 484.67 mile walk at the ag

PM 071: SACRED TRAVEL - Journey of the Spirit with Lauren Rainbow
August 25, 2022

#071 Lauren Rainbow talks to us about her work as a Sacred Travel Guide, showing us how we can connect to the healing magic of ancient sacred places, integrating their energy and light into our centered heart.  Lauren has led several life-changing group j

PM 070: How Do We Attune To The Spirit World? with Ann Théato
August 11, 2022

#070 This week Ann Thato looks at the importance of attunement in mediumship. What mediums do is attune themselves, so that they can really listen to, hear and comprehend the signals that are coming from the spirit world. Mediums have to go through a pr

PM 069: Dedication To The Craft Of Mediumship with Pamela Pollington
July 28, 2022

My guest this week is Spiritualist Medium and qualified Healing Medium, Pamela Pollington, CSNUt. Pamela talks to us about the importance of dedication in our mediumship training, not just in a one-week course but in consistently training year, after year