Professional Confessionals

Professional Confessionals

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Season 1 in 4 Minutes
February 27, 2020

A super quick sampler of the guests and their insights from Season 1 of the Professional Confessionals podcast.

Voices of Season 1
February 27, 2020

An in depth sampler of the wisdom and perspectives shared in the 31 episodes of Season 1. Many heartfelt thanks to our guests who so generously shared their time. We were honored by their participation in this podcast and learned so much from each and ev

[Digital Advertising Executive] K. David McCarthy
February 20, 2020

All the skills that are required to be successful in the [tech] field can be self-taught. You can learn anything nowadays. Be curious. Read all you can. Watch all you can. Mess around. Try to build yo

[Nonprofit Professional] Susan Kenny
February 13, 2020

It is deeply, personally fulfilling to work for something that you believe in and would support, and would give money to if asked...the mission of the organization was central to my happiness. Sus

[Architect] James Hartford
February 06, 2020

To a lot of people, architecture is an intangible. Its not something they understand. They can understand the work that an engineer does, so a building doesnt fall down on them. They can understand th

[Textbook Author] Jo Pitkin
February 06, 2020

- PODCAST EXTRA - Author Jo Pitkin discusses the challenges and intricacies of textbook writing for major educational publishers and how she draws upon her literary creativity in what she consider

[Finance Professional] Mike LaRocco
January 30, 2020

The high points for me are less about making a quarterly number or something like that. It was about the friendships and joy you have with the people that you work with.As a former Chief Financial

[Creative Technologist] Bo Bell
January 23, 2020

A Creative Technologist is someone who uses technology and their creative self to solve problems. Combining dual disciplines of creative arts and technology, Creative Technologist is a new and uni

[Nurse] Linda Raftery
January 16, 2020

One thing through my career is corporations taking over hospitals and when theyre trying to save money, they cut nursing staff. It just doesnt seem theres enough nurses to do the job.Practicing Nu

[Professor of Journalism & Media] John V. Pavlik
January 09, 2020

I dont think there is anything more important than the freedom to think, the freedom to generate new knowledge, the freedom to distribute that knowledge wherever it takes us.The author of 12 books