Oil and Gas PITCH Podcast

Oil and Gas PITCH Podcast

Anthony McDaniels of Rare Petro on Oil and Gas Pitch, ep 16

December 25, 2020

How is Rare Petro “Modernizing the Oil Field”?

In this episode, you meet Anthony McDaniels, Founder and CEO of Rare Petro. Listen in as we dive into Rare Petro, their team, and how they are making an impact for companies like yours.

We talk innovation, strategy, and the meaningful philosophy Anthony has in applying the solutions. 

Whether it’s technology or consulting…Rare Petro has a very defined way to help you avoid mistakes, costly errors, and ultimately allows you to leverage the leadership team of Rare Petro and their nearly 100 years of working/winning in the O&G industry.

Established in 2015, you need to know more about Rare Petro, and this episode is guaranteed to help you see why they are making such an impact.

Watch here

Find Anthony on LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/amcdanielspe 

Find Rare Petro here: Rare Petro

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