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School of Podcasting

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Podpage: Quick and Easy Podcast Websites
June 22, 2020

Input your feed - Get a Website

30 Strategies To Grow Your Podcast Audience
June 15, 2020

I've been holding "podcast happy hours" during the pandemic. This is a place when some of us just wanted to talk to someone besides the cat. In one of those sessions, Scott Johnson from shared how he ad success swapping episodes with another similar...

Every time I podcast something good happens - Andrew Lewin Interview
June 08, 2020

As a Marine Biologist, Andrew Lewin from podcast (available in directories like , and ) just wanted to talk about treating the ocean better and keeping it safe. That was less than 10 years ago, now he's a key figure at Ocean Related events, and is...

Fixing a Mistake in Your Podcast Episode
June 01, 2020

had a typo, and a mistake in the audio ( I said the deadline for June's question of the month was in February). Today we're going to talk about how to fix things when you make a mistake in your podcast. SPONSOR: Focusrite * Scarlett, now in its 3rd...

The Power of a Mighty Network
May 25, 2020

with Jessica Shambora

Full Time Podcaster Daryl Grove of the Total Soccer Show
May 18, 2020

While many podcasters create content as a hobby, today we talk with Daryl Grove (who along with his cohost Taylor Rockwell) create the Toal Soccer Show. Today we talk with Daryl to go over how they make their show, how they interact with their...

Using LinkedIn for Your Podcast
May 11, 2020

You hear alot about LinkedIn (and other social networks) and you may be wondering, should I be using LinkedIn to help grow my podcast? Today I talk with LinkedIn Guru Karen Yankovich who is also a podcaster. If you're new to LinkedIn here are some fun...

Get and Manage Interviews with Poddit - an Interview with Brent Besham
May 04, 2020

Last year I met Brent Besham and She Podcast Live and hear about Poddit.  In this interview, you'll learn what Poddit is, and how you can use it.  Full show notes at Time Table 03:03 Poddit Interview - Brent Basham 14:43 A Guest...

What Do You Use To Create Your Podcast?
April 27, 2020

Because of My Podcast Kevin from the Check out Kevin's book "." Check out Kevin on the Contributors Arnie Chapman _ Joan Wheeler - Darwyn Dave - David Oliver Kling and Kris from Clay Groves From Zoe and Sammy From the York From Dennis...

300 Percent Growth in Business Revenue - Wealth Without Wallstreet Interview
April 20, 2020

Russ Morgan and Joey Mure from Wealth Without Wallstreet