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Our Kink is Oz Kink Fest 2018 – Podcast 35
September 12, 2018

With Oz kink Fest only one sleep away, MisKnickers ventured into the heart of Brunswick to visit Q Space, an integral part of Oz Kink Fest 2018. Q Space will host workshops, exhibitions, events, and the Oz Kink Fest Launch Party.

Our Kink Is Catching Up With Sai Jaiden Lillith and PM Leather
September 06, 2018

In Episode 34 of the Our Kink Podcast, MisKnickers catches up with Peter Martin and Dani Natale from PM Leather to talk about PM Leather, and how they have grown to be much more than a supplier of quality leather hobble belts.

Our Kink is Fetish Fashion – Podcast 33
August 30, 2018

Listen in as MisKnickers catches up with Sprinkle from Sprinkle Emporium (recorded live from the very stunning shop and studio on Lygon st) to discuss her new leather range for fetish fashionistas - Yes Mz by Sprinkle and what it's like to be facing th...

Our Kink is the No Grey Negotiation App – Podcast 32
August 02, 2018

In this episode MisKnickers is joined by resident Our Kink button-pusher Loke, to discuss an incredible innovation in kink safety. We speak with special guest Elle, who is part of team developing a new app called No Grey.

Our Kink is Sex, Lies, and Men Bearing Clipboards – Podcast 31
June 28, 2018

This week, MisKnickers and Miss Jane returned to one of their favourite haunts to spend some time with one of our favourite sponsors, the inimitable Wayne from Lucrezia & De Sade. Wayne is never short of a story or twelve and he doesn't disappoint in t...

Our Kink is Queer Flirting – Podcast 30
June 14, 2018

This week MisKnickers and Mistress Jane visited Counsellor, Sex Therapist, Educator, Author, Workshop Facilitator, and wearer of one thousand hats, Jeremy Shub. - They could have talked for days about every topic under the Sun,

Our Kink is Busting Myths – Podcast 29
May 31, 2018

In this episode MisKnickers and Miss Jane will enter your earholes once again, this time to blow up some BDSM bullshit... Join them as they don the Mythbuster Moustache and light the dynamite on some of our favourites myths,

Our Kink is Masturbation – Podcast 28
May 08, 2018

Yes, May is Masturbation month, so there's no better time to shine a light on what can be some pretty adventurous sexy times, be it alone or with a partner. This week MisKnickers and Mistress Jane try not to make too many bad puns as we discuss the ben...

Our Kink is Resisting Censorship: FOSTA/SESTA – Podcast 27
April 19, 2018

You may have heard about the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) and the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA) - legislation recently signed into law by the US Congress. What you may not have heard,

Our Kink is Sexological Bodywork – Podcast 26
April 05, 2018

Somewhere near, and at times bridging the boundaries between sex therapy, coaching, kinesiology, and tantra, is Sexological Bodywork. MisKnickers and Miss Jane took some time out to talk with Louis Luckhurst of Intentional Touch to learn more about exa...