One Complete Podcast

One Complete Podcast

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Episode 52: Meaning
October 01, 2020

Episode 51: Reset
March 27, 2020

As we all settle into our new normal, we want to take a few minutes to talk about what happens after the pandemic. How does our experience during this time prompt us to look at our lives in a new way? What does it expose about our relationships and how we

Episode 50: Surviving the Business Pandemic
March 19, 2020

Okay, we know it's been a while, but we're back. And we're tackling what's top of mind for everyone right now: COVID-19. Specifically, how is my business going to survive? So pause your Netflix to binge us for a few minutes as we talk about some practical

Episode 49: Wishes
January 10, 2020

Here's the story: You encounter a genie. They give you three wishes. What are they going to be? But be careful you might get exactly what you wish for. This week we explore how to turn your wishes into reality for yourself, your business, and the world ar

Episode 48: Politeness
December 20, 2019

Politeness. It seems simple enough. Something we learned as kids. But what does it mean to us as adults? How does it shape how we interact with each other personally and in business? Listen along as we discuss why it happens and what it means connection w

Episode 47: Protecting Your IP
December 06, 2019

We’re all scared someone is going to steal our big idea. But when does healthy caution become crippling paranoia? This week we talk about when you should worry, when you shouldn’t worry, and what you can do to protect your intellectual property. Don’t let

Episode 46: Turkey Day 2.0
November 28, 2019

Last year we made a podcast talking about all the turkeys in our business: the projects and relationships that could have gone better. As we said then, and will repeat now, not every bird is a winner. So join us as we take a stroll down turkey lane and re

Episode 45: The Big One
November 07, 2019

Here’s the scenario: You’ve just been offered the big one; the job that could transform your business. But your excitement quickly turns to fear as the size of the job starts to sink in. How are you going to write the proposal? How are you going to do the

Episode 44: Contracts
October 24, 2019

Contracts are the basis of good business. But as business owners and entrepreneurs, we often skip putting contracts in place and even sign them without reading them. This can jeopardize everything we’ve worked for. One lawsuit can wipe out a business. Tod

Episode 43: Failure
October 14, 2019

We have a narrative in this country that business equals success. That if we just pull hard enough on our own bootstraps we’ll make it. The numbers say otherwise, but we’ve taught ourselves to see failure as something shameful rather than a part of the pr