On The Shelf: How To Get Your Products Into Big Box Retail!

On The Shelf: How To Get Your Products Into Big Box Retail!

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Ep. 180 - Understanding The Retail Submission Process
August 24, 2022

The retail submission process is a critical part of the retail industry. It is the process by which retailers submit their products to be sold in stores. While it may seem simple, there are a lot of steps involved in it. And in this episode, Timothy Bush

Ep. 179 - Taking Your Ecomm Product Business To The Next Level & Beyond With Carolyn Lowe
February 11, 2022

Growing your Ecomm product business in a saturated digital marketplace is no easy task. That's why Carolyn Lowe is here to help! Carolyn is the CEO and Founder of ROI Swift, a digital marketing team helping emerging consumer brands grow their business. Sh

Ep. 178 - The Onboarding Process: From The Paperwork To The Pricing
February 02, 2022

Onboarding to a big retailer takes time and effort. It's not difficult, but you need to be dedicated to it because it takes a lot of man-hours for these retailers to get the process all done. So, you got to do your part as well. Join your host Timothy Bus

Ep. 177 - Getting Your Products Into The Hands Of Celebrities With Sarah Shaw
January 28, 2022

A successful business starts with an idea and the ability to execute the essence of that idea. Celebrity designer and CEO of Sarah Shaw Consulting, Sarah Shaw is an experienced business owner who has propelled numerous businesses and products into ce

Ep. 176 - How To Patent Your Product In Today's Market With Russ Krajec
August 27, 2021

You may have a patentable idea, but if it doesn't solve any problem, then it's useless. Before you patent something, make sure it has value. Do the idea refining and marketing first. This is what Russ Krajec believes in as a recovering patent at

EP 175 - How To Use Facebook And Your Website To Grow Product Sales With Andy Seeley
June 22, 2021

Managing your website would benefit you in the long run. Timothy Bush talks with Andy Seeley, the CEO of Creatively Disruptive, about healthy diversification and how you quiet the noise and make your product sales grow. He shares different aspects in his

Ep. 174 - What To Do Before, During & After A Retail Buyer Meeting
April 02, 2021

Many retailers get too excited in bringing their products in front of buyers only to have that conversation not go well. While having that initial talk with buyers can be exciting, it is important not to dive headfirst but instead prepare. In this episode

Ep. 173 - How To Stand Out On The Shelf Through Strategic Packaging With Michael Keplinger
November 10, 2020

Your brand may be important, but when it comes to real life, a lot of what gets your product off the shelf is your packaging. You can either be strategic about it or leave everything to chance. If you don’t want to do the latter, then you definitely have

EP 172 - The Definitive Guide To Building Your Business Credit With Stephen Wible
October 19, 2020

For a lot of people who want to take their product to retail, they need to create and develop a company for retailers to partner with. However, one of the things they're probably not building is business credit. On today’s podcast, Timothy Bush is joined

EP 171 – Getting Into Retail: Truths Versus Myths
September 28, 2020

Getting into retail and securing a spot in the retail big leagues is something many entrepreneurs dream about. Have you ever imagined seeing your products on the shelves of a big box retailer but wondered just how to get your product ready and get plac...