Latest Episodes

MurderCast 012: Charles Morgan
July 21, 2022

Charles Morgan - June, 1977. Somewhere in a remote area of Tucson, AZ. A brand new Mercury Cougar slowly drives down State Route 86. It is almost pitch dark and the driver turns on the dome light to c

MurderCast 011: Colonel Philip Shue
June 01, 2022

Colonel Philip Shue - April 16, 2003. Bernie, TX. A maroon car speeding along interstate 10 suddenly begins to drive erratically, spinning out of control, finally coming to a stop after hitting a tree

MurderCast 010: Kenny Veach
January 20, 2021

Kenny Veach - In the wee hours of Nov. 10, 2014, a lone hiker arrives on the Nevada side of the Mojave desert, a vast expanse encompassing almost fifty thousand miles of desolate, arid landscape. To t

MurderCast 009: Angie Hammond
March 20, 2020

Angie Hammond - In 1990, nineteen-year-old Angela Marie Hammond was making her way through life in Clinton, Missouri. But this seemingly idyllic rural town would become the setting for one of the most

MurderCast 008: Adrienne Salinas
July 24, 2019

Adrienne Salinas - Father’s Day, June 15th, 2013. Nineteen-year-old college student Adrienne Salinas vanishes only blocks from her apartment in Tempe, AZ. A few months later, a shocking discovery is made. Was Adrienne the victim of the Canal Killer?

MurderCast 007: Victoria Cilliers
January 23, 2019

Victoria Cilliers - Wiltshire, England. Easter Sunday, 2015. A holiday observed by Christians, celebrating the resurrection of Christ, three days after his death on the cross. Victoria Cilliers, a 42-year-old army Physio-therapist and mother of two,

MurderCast 006: Fort Bragg Murders
August 15, 2018

Fayetteville, NC - Summer, 2002. Fayetteville, North Carolina. As one of the country’s earliest settlements, Fayetteville with a  population of just over 200 thousand, has received the All-American City Award three times.

MurderCast 005: Martina Posch
March 31, 2018

Martina Posch - Vöcklabruck, Austria. November 12th, 1986. Seventeen-year-old Martina Posch, hurries out the door of her mother’s house to catch the 6:42 AM bus to her job as an office worker at a construction company.

MurderCast 004: Dan Markel
January 31, 2018

Dan Markel - Summer, 2014. On a humid July morning in Tallahassee, University of Florida law professor Dan Markel pulls into the garage of his home after dropping his two children off at school. As he chats with a friend on his cell phone,