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The Narrow Mind

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The Narrow Mind 13.5
November 09, 2013

Part 2 of interview with Sam Harris and Joe Rogan.

The Narrow Mind 13.4
November 05, 2013

Part 1 of a series in which Gene chimes in on a conversation between Joe Rogan and Sam Harris.

The Narrow Mind 13.3
September 14, 2013

Guest Matt Paul on the subject of Dan Corner's interview on my show.

The Narrow Mind 13.2
June 22, 2013

Gene talks with Tony Byrne on the subject of Phil Johnson's "Primer on Hyper Calvinism". Subjects include God's love for non-elect, Duty Faith, Common Grace and more. 90 min

The Narrow Mind #13.1
June 01, 2013

First show after a super long break. Guests: Sye Ten Bruggencate and Dustin Segers.

The Narrow Mind #981 04/02/2011
April 03, 2011

Gene has guests Stephen McKay on the show and discuses the ups and downs of their recent trip to Tanzania.

The Narrow Mind #980
March 07, 2011

Gene has guest Jonathan Goundry on the show to discuss "the Christian Worldview in 45 minutes or less". They talk about the two Adam paradigm and covenant theology as it relates to the Christian Worldview. They also discuss the State as it relates to the

The Narrow Mind #979
February 16, 2011

Gene plays comments and plays an audio file that is very dear to his heart.

The Narrow Mind #978 02/13/2011
February 13, 2011

Gene comments on a two clips of Pastor Chuck Smith concerning his advice on abortion.

The Narrow Mind #977
February 09, 2011

Gene Interviews atheist Justin Shieber. The interview was in response to a comment that Justin posted on Gene's Facebook profile concerning the morality of the Old Covenant. Recorded on 02/08/2011.