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Mike Church's New Christendom Daily

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Tuesday New Christendom Daily-The Constitution Bans The Bills Of Attainder, The Regime Is Going To Serve Trump
March 21, 2023

Donald Trump Upcoming Arrest? - HEADLINE: Arresting Trump: An End-Of-America Watch Party by Eddie Scarry  - AUDIO/VIDEO: Washington DC - bike racks being deployed around the Capitol complex. - Bills o

NCD – How To Beat The Big Ed Kobayashi Maru? Pull A James T. Kirk And Change The Test!
March 16, 2023

From Wisdom Wednesday's Mike Church Show with special guest, Founder of CLT Exams, Jeremy Wayne Tate. - Special Guest - Jeremy Tate - CEO of Classic Learning Test - WEBSITE: cltexam.com There needed

Thursday New Christendom Daily-The January 6th Rats Have Circled Their Wagons To Fight For The Regime Til The End
March 09, 2023

UDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing - Reporter - Ongoing lawsuit b/w Fox News and Dominion on top of that Tuckers January 6 segment, do you have a comment on that? - Jean-Pierre - As it relates to Tucker segmen

Wednesday New Christendom Daily-We Have The Tapes! The Deep State Orchestrated The Biden Coup And Coverup That Was Jan. 6th
March 08, 2023

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump on January 6th - I just spoke w/ Mike Pence, and I told him he has the authority to send the votes back to the states to re-certify. I did see a Capitol Hill cop shoot a wom

Monday New Christendom Daily-In Epic CPAC Speech, Trump Tells Libtards “You’re Fired And We Will Remove You!”
March 06, 2023

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump at CPAC - We will become masters at ballot harvesting. Joseph Pearce book of his conversion - Race with the Devil: My Journey from Racial Hatred to Rational Love - AUDIO/VI

Thursday New Christendom-South Africa’s Infrastructure Collapse Is A Preview Of What’s Coming to Muricah
March 02, 2023

HEADLINE: Why South Africas Collapse Finally Came Down to Eskom by Helen Andrews Question #1 - Why is ONE utility company in charge of power for 40,000 people? Because the government in Africa sa