Men, This Way

Men, This Way

Man’s Fear of Aliveness w/ Ken Page (101)

August 03, 2023

Do you repress yourself expression for reasons conscious or otherwise ?

Do you find it difficult to cry ? Or feel real joy ?

Might you disconnect from the world around you out of self protection? 

In this thought-provoking  episode, my guest Ken Page and I embark on a deep exploration of gender identity and its profound impact on our lives. We delve into the reasons why individuals might repress their self-expression, whether consciously or unconsciously, and how this affects their ability to experience genuine emotions like joy and sadness.

Ken, a licensed certified social worker and psychotherapist, shares his wisdom and insights on how embracing gender identity can lead to a more authentic and fulfilling life. We discuss the significance of understanding and accepting oneself beyond traditional gender labels, allowing individuals, particularly men, to break free from societal expectations and cultivate healthy, lasting love.

Throughout our conversation, we emphasise that exploring gender identity doesn’t mean giving up one’s existing identity but rather embracing the journey of self-discovery and growth. By recognizing and honouring our core and essential gifts, we can live life more fully alive, savouring every moment.

This dialogue is a rare opportunity to delve into a subject that is often overlooked or avoided, but it holds tremendous potential for personal growth and societal understanding. We navigate through the complexities of gender identity and how it can liberate us from the limitations of binary thinking, fostering a world of non-binary language and acceptance.

Join us in this transformative conversation, as we uncover the wisdom that can make a meaningful difference in your life. It is a true celebration of identity, authenticity, and the pursuit of living fully alive.

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(08:55) – Bryan engages in a heartfelt conversation with Ken, asking him about a significant event or experience in Ken’s early life that played a fundamental role in shaping him as a man. However, Bryan is curious about how being a gay man might have influenced Ken’s journey of self-discovery and identity. Bryan proceeds to ask Ken if he appreciates identifying as a man and if he truly loves and embraces this aspect of his identity. Bryan is genuinely intrigued by the intersectionality of Ken’s experiences and the unique perspectives it brings.

(13:35) –  the conversation takes a more introspective turn as Bryan shares a series of dreams he had about a goddess. He vividly describes the emotions he experienced, the longing for love, and the sense of connection he sought in his dreams. The goddess is portrayed as radiant, with luminous skin, symbolising qualities that Bryan values in a human woman. In one particular dream, Bryan recounts pushing the goddess in a shopping cart, which he associates with seeking feelings of love, acceptance, and compassion. These dreams hold a deep significance for Bryan, and he shares them with Ken in a candid and open manner.

(20:54) – Bryan introduces his free training video, specially designed for men who are facing challenges in their relationships. The training video aims to provide guidance, support, and practical insights to help men navigate through difficult times and foster healthier connections with their partners. ​​

(24:23) – Ken passionately describes his book ‘Deeper Dating,’ which delves into the profound search for love. He explains how the book explores the intricacies of forming meaningful connections and emphasises the importance of embracing one’s authentic self in the pursuit of genuine love.

(28:08) – Bryan delves into the stages of adolescence. He shares his perspective on this transformative phase of life, emphasising the significance of discovering one’s passions and creating an authentic social presence. Bryan reflects on the process of self-discovery and the quest to understand one’s true nature and how it relates to others in the world.

(40:31) – Bryan and Ken engage in a candid conversation about the challenges of expressing vulnerability, particularly when it comes to showing emotions that might be perceived as “too feminine.” Bryan opens up about his experience of crying and how, in those moments, his mind struggles with societal expectations and norms that discourage men from displaying vulnerability.

(44:44) –  Bryan seeks guidance from Ken on practising and embracing emotions without judgement. He yearns to overcome the internal barriers that prevent him from fully experiencing and expressing his emotions, especially in front of others.

(51:21) – Ken delves into the topic of traditional concepts surrounding masculinity and femininity, discussing how these societal norms can hinder genuine intimacy and authentic connections.

(57:32) where one can access more profound insights and wisdom from Ken Page, seeking to deepen his understanding of relationships and self-discovery.


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