Math Mutation

Math Mutation

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Math Mutation 281: Pascal vs Mathematics
October 30, 2022

Discussing the final decade of Blaise Pascal's life, when he decided math and physics were unworthy of study. (Send feeback to

Math Mutation 280: Rubik's Resurgence
August 26, 2022

Thanks to social media, Rubik's Cube is popular again.(Send feeback to

Math Mutation 279: Improbable Envelopes
July 01, 2022

We discuss the famous Two Envelopes paradox, along with an unconventional solution.(Send feeback to

Math Mutation 278: Bicycle Repair Man
May 22, 2022

Alan Turing's adventures in bicycle repair.(Send feeback to

Math Mutation 277: Bad Career Advice
April 06, 2022

Should you aim for a maximally "scalable" profession in order to become rich?(Send feeback to

Math Mutation 276: Don't Believe the Math
February 20, 2022

We discuss Nassim Taleb's "Ludic Fallacy", the incorrect belief that simple mathematical models accurately predict the real world.(Send feeback to

Math Mutation 275: Demanding Fair Dice
January 22, 2022

What does it take to create fair dice for an online game?(Send feeback to

Math Mutation 274: The Gomboc
November 30, 2021

A strange self-righting 3-D shape was only discovered in the 21st century.(Send feeback to

Math Mutation 273: A Maze Of Labyrinths
October 31, 2021

Why are literary and visual labyrinths from ancient and medieval times so different?(Send feeback to

Math Mutation 272: The Mathematics of Jackie Mason
September 20, 2021

How Jackie Mason derived jokes from Talmudic logic.(Send feeback to