Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday

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The Calendar Man by Dr. J
January 28, 2019

I love Dr. J. Her writing, her personality, HER! She writes some of the steamiest, sexiest smut, and ]always with fully developed characters, clear lines of consent, and sexy, kinky fun. This week’s story, The Calendar Man, is no exception!

Gargoyle and Another Dream by F. Leonora Solomon
January 21, 2019

F. Leonora Solomon is a close friend, an amazing blogger, and a great storyteller. Since the very early days of Masturbation Monday, she’s kept up a storyline that always leaves me wanting more. Some scenes need a lot of context of what’s going on and ...

Yours by Violet Fawkes
January 14, 2019

Violet Fawkes is a sex blogger, sex toy reviewer, celebrator of Boobday (the second best day of the week), and a FemDom who gives us a peek into her musings and her imagination. Her erotic fiction offers insight into a side of BDSM many of us don’t get...

New Year’s Resolutions by Sarah Helena Heart
January 08, 2019

Sarah Helena Heart aka ChinaDoll320 is a young submissive and writer with a lot of talent and kinky creativity. Both her personal journey into D/s and her imagination combine for smutty stories that will make you realizes kinks you never knew you had.

Drizzled in Honey by Mischa Eliot
December 31, 2018

The Masturbation Monday podcast is less than a year old, and it seems fitting that we close out 2018 with the smutty writer (and dear friend) who helped us begin this adventure back in March. This week, we’re so happy to feature Mischa Eliot for episod...

Send Me a Selfie by Posy Churchgate
December 24, 2018

Posy Churchgate seems to still consider herself a newbie sex blogger, but over the past year or so since I’ve met her, she’s grown by leaps and bounds. When she’s not experimenting with new ways to write, she’s sharing both her memories of love and lus...

The Coronet by Kisungura
December 17, 2018

Kisungura, of My Controlled Ascent, may be a newer sex blogger, but she is a brilliant one. Her blog is a mix of the reality of her D/s life with a healthy (and delicious) dose of kinky fantasies and fiction.

Cleaning Up Her Mess by Floss Liddell
December 03, 2018

I remember reading this post by Floss Liddell, and thinking, “Yesssss! I want to be a dirty girl, too!” — and for the record, I hate cleaning. Floss is a kinky podcaster and an amazing weaver of smutty words.

Sweet, Half-Asleep Sex by Quinn Rhodes
November 05, 2018

Quinn Rhodes considers herself a baby sex blogger, but with the heat she brings to everything she does, she writes like a pro and she’s much better at smutty story-telling than she realizes. From her queer fantasies to her very erotic realities,

Scarecrow by Scandarella
October 29, 2018

Not only is Scandarella one of the best erotica writers I’ve ever read, she’s the absolute Queen!, Empress!, Goddess! of paranormal, spooky, haunting, and sexy tales. Every story has a twist, and even when you know it’s coming,