The Local 913 Podcast

The Local 913 Podcast


June 25, 2018

Most of indie rock band Pittsburgh’s Same met at Clarion University and completed their roster after moving into the city, where they found Jake Stern, their guitarist. All of the guys in the band subscribe to a D.I.Y. philosophy.

“All of us have always played in DIY-style bands since we were young. It just feels really natural to all of us for that to be our philosophy. That’s how we like to do things. That’s always how we have done it.”

That’s Tom Higgins, guitarist for Same. Their new song “Is Midnight” has an alluring, yet chill vibe.

“We try to have that laid-back vibe in our music. That’s definitely an influence of ours. I wouldn’t say all our music is –that- chill, but that was the intention of that song; to make it slow, use lots of reverbs and make it sound that way.”

More on Same is at the Facebook page.

Photo by Tommy Calderon.