The Language of Business

The Language of Business

How covid affects radio…and gambling – LOB 117

May 22, 2020

The #1 place for listening to the radio is in the car. The #2 place is at work. But when nobody's driving...and people are working from home...what happens to the radio stations?

Plus, Las Vegas has been closed. The Strip is empty. Zero action at the tables and slots in the casinos. Same with the restaurants inside. They can’t even do takeout.

The Language of Business looks at how social distancing and working from home has affected the radio business. And the challenges reopening will mean for the gaming industry. Host Greg Stoller talks with Charlie Sislen, Partner at Research Director Inc.. They're the experts on interpreting Nielsen Ratings. And with gaming expert Mike Dreitzer, President of Gaming Arts in Las Vegas.

Greg Stoller

Charlie Sislen

Mike Dreitzer
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