Lion's Leadership Den

Lion's Leadership Den

Episode 14 – Year End Business Reviews and EOS Magic

December 18, 2018

Year End Business Reviews and EOS Magic

Steve and Alex discuss goals in today’s podcast. Did they meet year end goals? What happens when things start breaking in your company as you grow? How do you reorganize to allow growth in your company? How do you fix the problems permanently? Learn how Alex and Steve analyze their companies to pin point problems and design systems that will grow with the company.

PM Grow Summit 2019

April 17-19 – Austin TX

PM Grow is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to build your business, launch your consulting career, and share ideas with other property management entrepreneurs who are on the cusp of something big. Join the PM Grow Summit if you are ready to grow your business, contribute to the improvement of the industry, and share ideas with other forward-looking professionals. Over the last two years, attendees have left this conference feeling motivated, empowered, and ready to do things differently.

Steve Rozenberg – Co Founder of Empire Industries LLC, investor, speaker.
Alex Osenenko – President and CEO of FourandHalf